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Yu Yuexian’s husband issued an obituary to help his younger brother heal his illness and he did not give birth for many years before he was “fancy” by his cousin Zhao Benshan.

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China Youth Daily Client, Beijing, August 9 (China Youth Daily China Youth Daily reporter Wu Xiaodong and Li Guijie) Yu Yuexian, the actor of “Xie Dajiao” in the TV series “Country Love”, was filmed in Alashan, Inner Mongolia on the morning of August 9th, and a car accident occurred , Was eventually pronounced dead because of his injuries. Yu Yuexian’s husband Zhang Songlin authorized the China Youth Daily China Youth Daily to publish the “Obituary”:

At about 3 a.m. on August 9, 2021, Yu Yuexian and three staff members were in a traffic accident on the way to Alxa for filming in a minivan, and Yu Yuexian’s treatment was invalid and unfortunately passed away. The staff is under treatment and no life is in danger.

During her lifetime, Yu Yuexian focused on the film and television industry and left a number of good reputations. She worked diligently, was enthusiastic about public welfare, and had a kind heart. Her unfortunate death made me feel extremely sad. She has passed away and her smile will last forever.

At the moment of the epidemic, the funeral ceremonies have been simplified.

I sincerely thank all walks of life for their care and love to Yuexian over the years, and thank the fans for their love.

Hereby obituary.

Yu Yuexian’s husband: Zhang Xuesong

August 9, 2021

Yu Yuexian, born on April 24, 1971 in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, graduated from Class 92 of the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. He is an actor in the Tianjin People’s Art Theatre. Jin Cuilian in the West Section.

Speaking of Yu Yuexian, the first thing that many viewers think of is the big-footed aunt who has a loud voice, is nosy, and has a pungent personality, but is kind-hearted and helpful. Because he successfully played the classic role of “Xie Dajiao” in 15 TV series of “Country Love”, Yu Yuexian became popular all over the country, gained the love of countless audiences, and won the Huading Award for Best Actress in the Country Theme category.

In the recently hit TV series “Ideal Illuminates China”, Yu Yuexian starred in the unit “Our Ulan Shepherd Riding”. When she attended the seminar in early August, she said: “I have lived in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region since I was a child, and I am familiar with the grasslands. , I am familiar with the life of the grassland. I am the image ambassador of Chifeng Cultural Tourism Public Welfare Publicity. I spare no effort to publicize and promote the hometown. As a literary and art worker, we should have an ideal situation, work with faith, and use our heart and soul. Work hard to interpret each work, bring the most beautiful and shining things to the audience, and tell the story of the times.”

“Welcome to my hometown of Chifeng Askhatu Stone Forest to see the wonders!” Four days ago, Yu Yuexian was still endorsing cultural tourism in her hometown on her Weibo. Unexpectedly, this was the last time she would go home.

Witnesses said that the entrails of camels were all over at the scene of the Yuexian car accident

[#Witness said at the scene of the car accident in Yuexian, camel entrails everywhere#]On August 9th, the famous actor Yu Yuexian passed away. According to media reports, #于月仙’s vehicle hit a camel to a car accident#. A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News contacted an eyewitness near the scene of the incident. The witness said that there was a brown Land Rover at the scene of the accident. The surrounding area of ​​the scene had been sealed off and could not be approached, but the entrails of the camels could be seen flying around. At the same time, the reporter learned from a local herdsman in Alxa Right Banner that the road section where the incident occurred was close to the village, and there were often camels crossing the road. “There were basically camels walking around on the road during the day on that section of the road, and then there were many car accidents. There were both camels and car crashes on that road.” A local herder told reporters on the S228 highway in Alxa Right Banner. Some sections of the road have barbed wire to isolate cars and animals, but not the entire section. It is common for camels to cross the road near the village. (Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News trainee reporter Chen Ran)

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Yu Yuexian’s growth history:

To help the younger brother heal the disease and never give birth

Yu Yuexian’s 50-year life journey has been stumbling, but she has still lived out what an independent woman should be.

1. The family is poor, and she is the eldest daughter of the family but she is not taken seriously

In 1971, Yu Yuexian was born in a family in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. She was the eldest daughter of the family. After giving birth to Yu Yuexian, her mother also gave birth to two younger sisters. Because of the grandparents’ patriarchal thinking, she and her two younger sisters have had children since childhood. Not taken seriously.

Growing up in a cold atmosphere since childhood, this does not prevent Yu Yuexian from having a passion for literature and art since childhood, and likes things related to singing and dancing.

When Yu Yuexian was a child, her cousin Ma Lijuan’s house was the favorite to go to. Because her cousin’s house was a literary family, the strong literary atmosphere coincided with the literary road Yu Yuexian yearned for. Yu Yuexian knew that her literary dream would not be supported by her family, but she had been very assertive since she was a child, so she applied for a dance class at the Children’s Palace under the “risk”, and made a good start for her future career.

2. The younger brother Yu Ying was born, but he suffered from a strange disease at the age of 8

When Yu Yuexian was 12 years old, good news came from the family. Her mother gave birth to her younger brother Yu Yingjie. The family was overjoyed. But the happy days didn’t take long. My younger brother suffered from “scoliosis” when he was 8 years old. After her younger brother fell ill, Yu Yuexian supplemented the family with her meager income as a teacher.

3. Unexpectedly knocking on the door of Chinese opera, a turning point in life

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In 1992, the Central Academy of Drama came to Tongliao to recruit “directed students”. Yu Yuexian noticed the enrollment information, but she was “long overdue” when the exam was about to end. In the exhibition session, a “chopstick dance” performed by Yu Yuexian attracted the teachers, and then she passed the first test.

In the end, she passed the cultural class, but the school where Yu Yuexian worked was holding on to the archives. The Admissions Office of the Chinese Opera had to contact the school through the Inner Mongolia Education Bureau to coordinate and communicate with each other many times. The enrollment teacher Ji Chonggong personally transferred Yu Yuexian’s files.

4. Enrollment in Chinese opera, meet her husband Zhang Xuesong

After various twists and turns, Yu Yuexian finally enrolled in the Central Academy of Drama and became a member of the 92nd grade of the Chinese Theatre Acting Department. But then something embarrassing came. Yu Yuexian, who had worked for several years, was already 21 years old. His classmates Huang Haibing, Mao Hai is still eighteen or nine years old.

Soon, Yu Yuexian found the alliance. Since Zhang Xuesong had been a soldier for several years and was older than most of his classmates, the two became good friends who talked about everything, and love germinated quietly between them.

In 1996, Yu Yuexian and Zhang Xuesong graduated. Since both Zhang Xuesong and Yu Yuexian are “directed students”, according to the policy, both of them need to return to their place of origin to work. The couple, who did not want to live apart from each other, chose to pay sky-high liquidated damages in order to stay together after work. Society is already heavily in debt.

After graduating, Yu Yuexian and Zhang Xuesong have been acting in some superficial small roles in the crew. She has starred in “Book of Swords and Enmity”, “Journey to the West” and “Jin Cuilian”

5. There is hope for the younger brother’s treatment, she borrowed money from relatives and friends for medical expenses

In 2000, Zhang Xuesong found in the newspaper that there was a doctor in Nanjing Gulou Hospital who had returned from studying in France, who was able to treat the disease of brother Yu Yuexian. There have been many cured cases.

But after giving Yu Yingjie a face-to-face consultation, the doctor admitted that the success of the operation is extremely low, but if the operation is not performed, “immortality is a high paraplegia after two years.” At the same time, the doctor also worried that the failure of the operation would ruin his career…

After finally getting the doctor and persuading his brother, Yu Yuexian ran into another big problem: Where did the medical expenses come from? At this time, she had to pull out all her contacts and borrow money from relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.

At this time, Yu Yuexian ushered in the invitation of the crew of the TV series “After the Journey to the West” to play a seductive villain. Although Yu Yuexian resisted, for the medical expenses of her younger brother, she could only bite the bullet and join the filming.

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After raising enough money, Yu Yuexian watched her younger brother be pushed into the operating room. After 14 hours of surgery, Yu Yingjie was successful in surgery and was finally able to straighten her waist and stand up.

Later, although the younger brother’s illness was cured, but also because most of his energy was devoted to caring for his younger brother, Yu Yuexian and her husband had not given birth in 15 years of marriage. Her husband once told her, “I want to raise my brother-in-law as a son.” When mentioning this experience in an interview program, Yu Yuexian couldn’t help crying.

6. The star journey was not smooth, and he was “fancy” by his cousin-in-law Zhao Benshan for many years after his debut

His cousin Zhao Benshan was already a well-known “Sketch King” at the beginning of the new millennium, but Yu Yuexian saw hope in the entertainment circle that was not so smooth.

In 2000, “Sketch King” Zhao Benshan began to get involved in film and television dramas, preparing for the production of the TV series “Liu Laogen”, Yu Yuexian seemed to see the dawn of his career. Zhao Benshan’s wife Ma Lijuan is her cousin, but Yu Yuexian hinted that Zhao Benshan was not recognized through her cousin several times, which made her extremely depressed.

This embarrassing situation only changed in 2003. In August of this year, the Irish drama “Holy Well” starring Yu Yuexian was staged at the Beijing Poly Theater. Zhang Xuesong accompanied Zhao Benshan to watch it. After the performance, Zhao Benshan held Yu Yuexian’s hand tightly: “Yuexian, your acting skills are better than I thought! I will have a suitable role in my play in the future, so I will definitely let you play it!”

In the summer of 2005, Yu Yuexian suddenly received a call from Zhao Benshan asking her to play Xie Dajiao, the heroine of “Country Love”. She hesitated for a moment, fearing that she could not perform well, but she didn’t want to give up this opportunity. At this time, Zhang Xuesong went home after shooting the movie and encouraged his wife to say: “Brother-in-law Benshan said that you are very malleable and I have confidence in you!”

After Yu Yuexian decided to star in “Country Love”, in order to fit the characters in the play, she deliberately gained weight and went to the northeastern countryside to experience life. Kung fu pays off. After the TV series “Country Love” was launched, Yu Yuexian’s “Xie Dajia” was widely recognized by the audience, and his popularity increased further, becoming a well-known film star.

From the broadcast of the first part of “Country Love” to the completion of “Country Love 15” this year, Yu Yuexian has never been absent and has been filming for more than ten years. The image of “Bigfoot Auntie” has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now that the news of Yu Yuexian’s death is suddenly passed, leaving us, who can take over the classic role of “Xie Dajia” in the future? Can “Country Love” continue to be filmed? Everything is unknown.

Aunt Bigfoot, go all the way…


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