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Zago celebrated Milei’s speech and Francos assured that it was “groundbreaking”

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Zago celebrated Milei’s speech and Francos assured that it was “groundbreaking”

Oscar Zago y Guillermo Francostwo representatives of the government of Javier Miley, spoke this Saturday about the presidential speech at the opening of ordinary sessions in Congress. For the head of the Libertad Avanza bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, it was a celebration: “We applauded a lot,” he said. From Mendoza, where he met with Governor Alfredo Cornejo, the Minister of the Interior stated that the head of state’s words were disruptive.

This Friday and in full schedule prime timeMilei gave the green light to the 142nd opening of sessions in front of the Legislative Assembly, which listened to him between silences and cheers for just over an hour.

The temperature of the venue was well differentiated: on one side, deputies and leaders of La Libertad Avanza celebrated every word and silence of the head of state. On the other hand, the opposition bloc of Unión por la Patria followed the event in silence and without applause. Even deputy Mario “Paco” Manrique turned his back on the president.

Javier Milei in Congress

Zago detailed how the libertarian climate was experienced: “We applaud a lot, we are very happy. The call for May 25 is to work together, accompany. We must sit down again at the table of dialogue, not discussion. “We are going to go for the Omnibus Law again”he became emboldened.

The words obey what Milei himself said, who assured that he will send a new package of “anti-caste” laws to Congress for discussion. Added to this is the decision to call the governors to an agreement on May 25, in the midst of the disagreements between the Nation and the provinces.

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“The call was good, the governors, senators, deputies were there. Milei was at this opening. It was, in general, good, it was not just an ovation from the fans, but from a lot of people,” said Zago. “Some sectors are going to continue resisting a type of change. For us it is very important, society needs a change. The important thing is that society, on the street, accompanied him with great hope. There are sectors that are having a very bad time,” said the deputy. During the presidential speech, there were demonstrations by different organizations against the current administration and also in favor, led by libertarian groups.

The numbers that reveal Javier Milei: how his speech impacted social networks

Finally, Zago urged not to wait until May 25 and start talking next Monday in Congress.

Francos’ opinion on Milei’s speech

The President’s dialogue minister traveled to Mendoza within the framework of the traditional Coviar breakfast and, in addition to highlighting the local governor Alfredo Cornejo as “a fundamental actor” for the coming stage, he referred to Milei’s sayings: “It was a rupturing speech from the Argentina of the past that lays the foundations for the future where the political leadership adapts, begins to cut with the past and bets on development”.

With his usual style of seeking consensus, the minister maintained that “we must be able to build together as Governor Cornejo proposed” and valued “that seven years ago he achieved fiscal balance in Mendoza and will surely be a main actor in generating dialogue.” . Since before the announcement of the May Pact, Francos held meetings with governors such as Leandro Zdero from Chaco and Gustavo Sáenz, from Salta, to build bridges in the face of the tension proposed by Milei.

“Extraordinary political barrier wrinkle”: Asís spoke of Milei’s call to the governors for the May Pact

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After the opening of sessions in Congress, eleven governors made it clear that they would participate in the President’s call, while others have not yet expressed themselves.


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