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10 personal trainers to follow at home to stay fit

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10 personal trainers to follow at home to stay fit

Training at home is a very effective way to keep fit: the 10 best personal trainers you can follow.

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To be able to keep fit, the gym is certainly not the only option. An alternative that often proves to be enormously effective is in fact represented by training at home. A practice, this, adopted by many out of necessity during the lockdown period but which is now becoming, in the last period, the first choice for many people. The opportunities to carry out excellent workouts within the walls of your home are offered by the many personal trainers who make their free workouts available to be followed through various channels, such as YouTube. So let’s find out the 10 best personal trainers you can follow from home.

Training at home: the 10 best personal trainers

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Personal trainer (Ansa)

We see below a possible list of the best personal trainers to be able to train effectively at home. In the first place there is Caroline Girvan, which has over a million subscribers on YouTube and offers several free workouts every day. His exercises aim to train different muscle groups, with training sessions ranging from 20 to 40 or 50 minutes. In second place there is then MadFit, a channel that includes different types of 5, 15, or 30 minute workouts. In addition, in addition to fullbody workouts, there are also sessions that focus more on the abs or buttocks. In third place we have FixfitYouTube channel that has more than 600 thousand subscribers and with workouts designed for practically everyone, starting from beginners up to professionals.

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In fourth place there is Pamela Reif, one of the most followed personal trainers on YouTube and with a community of more than 8 million subscribers. The types of training offered are different, from tabata and fullbody to dance workouts, i.e. cardio workouts to the rhythm of music. In fifth place there is Fabio Inca with its Impacto Training channel, a high-intensity training method that shows you how to train better without getting hurt. In sixth place there is Sydney Cummingswhich offers videos with guided and varied workouts also in terms of duration.

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In seventh position we have Growingannanas, a channel with over a million subscribers and posting workout videos for virtually all tastes every single day. Then there is eighth place Heather Robertson, Canadian personal trainer offering bodyweight, weight, HIIT or even cardio workouts. In ninth place there is Growwithjo, which has more than one million members and which mainly offers training for beginners based also and above all on fun. Finally, in tenth and last place, we have Popsugar Fitness, a channel with almost 6 million subscribers and which offers various types of courses managed by various personal trainers. The courses are suitable for everyone, beginners and not, with various types of workouts and with the presence of Hip Hop, Tabata workout or Barre classes.

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