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18 cases after years in which it had disappeared, the ASL recommendations

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18 cases after years in which it had disappeared, the ASL recommendations

Resurgence of Measles Cases in Tuscany

The North West Tuscany Local Health Authority is alerting the public to a resurgence of measles cases in the region. In particular, the Pisan area, which includes several municipalities, has seen 18 new cases over the past two months. According to Doctor Antonio Gallo, responsible for public hygiene in the area, this is a significant increase after several years without any recorded cases.

The majority of the patients, who range in age from 25 to 69, have required hospitalization, while the rest have been isolated at home. One case involves a child less than one year old who was infected in a family cluster, as they were too young to be protected by vaccination.

The Local Health Authority is urging the public to take preventive measures, including getting vaccinated against measles, especially for one-year-old children. They have also recommended wearing ffp2 masks in collective environments and avoiding the presence of unprotected people, newborns, and pregnant women in waiting rooms of doctors’ offices and hospitals.

The symptoms of measles include a dry cough, runny nose, burning eyes, and fever, followed by a rash of small, flat, bright red dots that spread across the body. The disease can be particularly dangerous for those who have not been vaccinated or who do not remember having had the infection before.

Vaccination against measles is compulsory in Italy up to the age of 16, with two doses administered at one year of age and at five-six years before starting primary school. While the vaccine is effective and free for everyone, health officials are urging susceptible individuals of any age, including adults and the elderly, to get vaccinated as a preventive measure.

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The Local Health Authority is continuing to carry out epidemiological investigations and provide information to the public to prevent the further spread of the disease. It is crucial for the community to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from measles.

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