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300,000 euros for precision medicine: here are the winners of the Roche tender

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SIX research PROJECTS in the field of precision medicine, awarded with 300 thousand euros thanks to a tender to this of the pharmaceutical company Roche. Objective: to develop innovative solutions. Many focus on liquid biopsy, which is the possibility of studying tumors through a simple blood sample. The Parma University Hospital, for example, wants to develop genomic profiling techniques for lung tumors, while the Pisana University Hospital and the European Institute of Oncology in Milan will focus, respectively, on cancer of the lung. colorectal and breast, with the creation of dedicated Molecular Tumor Board (MBT). Again through the liquid biopsy, the researchers of the University of Verona will instead study the value of biomarkers for the prognosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. Finally, the Policlinico Gemelli Foundation will carry out a study of genomic alterations in lung cancer and the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Perugia will develop solutions for the precision diagnosis of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. was entrusted to the Gimbe Foundation, taking into consideration both the methodological quality and their impact in terms of potential benefits for patients and for the sustainability of the national health system.

“There are over 200 types of cancer identified so far, of which almost half is represented by an uncommon or rare neoplasm. In many cases the origin and development of the tumor are governed by genomic alterations, defined as ‘drivers’, so it becomes essential to be able to identify the specific mutation and intervene with targeted therapies “, commented Giordano Beretta, National President of the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (Aiom), which sponsored the tender. “The new tools available to the oncologist, including molecular profiling and agnostic drugs, represent an essential pillar for precision oncology, which requires the evolution from multidisciplinary teams to Molecular Tumor Boards”. Implementation in clinical practice and accessibility to Molecular Tumor Boards, however, is still limited, as a recent Aiom survey shows that only 13% of oncologists can rely on these multidisciplinary teams in their facility. One of the objectives of the Roche call is to facilitate the activation of optimized diagnostic-therapeutic-assistance pathways, to ensure the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

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