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A startup will help Atalanta find new talents, thanks to artificial intelligence

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A startup will help Atalanta find new talents, thanks to artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence at the service of football. The agreement between Vedrai, a startup active in the artificial intelligence sector, and Atalanta, will for now concern the youth sector. But it opens the doors to possible evolutions that in the future will see more and more systems at the service of sport. “We will make our AI-based technology available to Atalanta to support the club in numerous functions: from scouting players to maximizing athletic performance, to personalizing experiences”, Michele Grazioli, President of Vedrai, explained to Italian Tech.

The agreement for the youth sector

“In particular, the artificial intelligence of Vedrai can assist recruiters and talent scouts in the search and selection of new talents for the youth sector, because it allows to analyze in a short time large amounts of data on the characteristics of the players. Furthermore, through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence allows you to monitor player performancecreate plans of personalized training for each player by monitoring different parameters of the athletes in real time “. You will see last week announced the acquisition of 60% of Indigo.ai, a company that designs and builds virtual assistants, born on the benches of the Politecnico di Milano from the idea of ​​five young people.

The operation

You will see buy 60% of Indigo. Grazioli: “Is small beautiful? Not valid for startups”

by Eleonora Chioda

Football is changing with the advent of new technologies. But it is not the core business of You will see, which analyzes the data present in the information systems of companies and correlates them with hundreds of thousands of external variables (from raw material prices to stock market indices), to understand the cause-effect relationships they generate and what impact they have on the company . “Football is very different from how it was a few decades ago and is changing at great speed. Today football clubs are real companies, with budget and production needs to be respected and many variables to take into consideration. Data and artificial intelligence make it possible to make more informed decisions and reduce the margin of error of these decisions ”, explains Grazioli.

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What can he do? You’ll see

It is possible, for example, to analyze the sports performance of a youth sector athlete in the different phases of his growth, to monitor his parameters at rest and during training. In this way it will be possible to personalize the workouts, to better dose the stress to which a growing organism is subjected. But an evolution also concerns scouting, “which today has become a research activity carried out worldwide. Through the data it is possible to identify the types of players that the market requires, based on the role and performance, and make projections. With artificial intelligence it is possible to introduce a scientific approach to football ”.

The technology of Vedrai, explains the company, can be applied in any area of ​​a club, football or otherwise, where it is necessary to collect and process large amounts of data and simplify the decision-making process. “For the moment we have preferred to focus on the youth sector because it allows us to contribute to the enhancement of young talents and because it is something we feel closer to our company history, but we do not exclude the possibility of making our AI available to the first in the future. team ”, adds Grazioli, who concludes:“ Atalanta will also use Vedrai’s technology in the marketing field, mainly to further strengthen the bond with its fans through the personalization of some experiences regarding the stadium ”.

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