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According to doctors, headaches can also be countered at the table: which foods to choose and which to avoid

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According to doctors, headaches can also be countered at the table: which foods to choose and which to avoid

Headaches are treated with food: here are the foods to choose and those to avoid according to doctors.

Headache is a disorder that is becoming more and more commonplace for many people: it is estimated that the primary type in all its forms (migraine, cluster, tensive) affects between 60 and 90% of the population with at least one attack during the year.

If the episodes become frequent and painful, the headache can impair concentration at work, presence in the family or with friends. And thus affect all life in general. The disturbance can last from a few minutes (occasional) up to several hours or days (episodic) or even recur for 15 or more days a month (chronic).

Headache: what are its causes and the factors that trigger it?

Pain from headache occurs because of an error in the communication between the brain, nerves and blood vessels of the skull which can affect certain chemicals in the body called neurotransmitters.

There are some factors that trigger it. We are talking, for example, of physical and emotional stress (exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep, sudden changes in altitude, changes in climate, air, light or sound pollution) or the premenstrual period, taking the pill, perimenopause (for women ). In some cases, pathological states or the reduction of endorphins have influenced. Finally, it can affect a hereditary genetic predisposition or even vision defects or eye strain

What are the causes and triggers of headaches – tantasalute.it

It is known that nutrition has a great impact on our health. Even with regard to headaches, there are foods that help to counteract it and others to avoid because they accentuate it. Changing your eating habits can go a long way in counteracting headaches. The foods that help protect against this ailment are:

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bread pasta and rice (wholemeal) fruit vegetables legumes fresh fish (not smoked and not salted) fresh meat (preferably white) juices, squeezed and centrifuged

I foods to avoid instead, they are:

wine and spiritscitrus onionssauerkrautpickled olivesnuts in shellsfreshly baked bread and pizzaripe bananaschocolatefried foodcoffee and caffeinated drinkstea and caffeine drinkssalted dried fishmilkyogurt and sour cream

In short, better to avoid foods with complex digestion or those that contain nitrates (cured meats and sausages), tyramine (found in aged cheeses) or sodium glutamate (present in stock cubes).

Foods that help fight headaches – tantasalute.it

I know the cooking food is done incorrectly, toxic compounds can form that decrease the nutrient supply of foods because some vitamins and proteins are destroyed. For that, it’s always better prefer steam or microwave cooking. Avoid frying and cooking in an electric oven, grilled, boiled, braised and in fat.

Ultimately, the advice is to pay attention to possible correlations between the onset of symptoms and the meal eaten so as to understand which food has triggered and triggers the headache in order to avoid its consumption. And, in general, it is good to always follow one balanced and nutritious diet.

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