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According to wisdom, this is what awaits us

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Do you often wonder what the weather will be like in a particular month? The weather reports don’t seem to be particularly reliable in the long term. For this reason, many people trust farmers’ wisdom about the weather. After all, they are the result of centuries of observation, right? Would you like to have farmer’s rules about the weather for each month?

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Is sudden snowfall in May a good sign or not? And what does a hot July mean? Find out in the following gallery with sayings and beautiful pictures to download and share!

Farm rules about the weather for your friends

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Is the weather really bad again and is spoiling the mood for you and your loved ones? Maybe, according to farmers’ wisdom, that’s a good sign! If you just saw this in one of our pictures, you should send it quickly to reassure everyone else too.

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Snow in March is not a cause for concern, but a good sign, while in April you should not trust a sunny day. You can see what the farmers’ rules say about the weather over the summer months as well as October, November and December in the gallery.

You can find some Buddhist wisdom here.

The Ice Saints and their meaning

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Gardeners know: After the Ice Saints (Pankrazi, Servazi, Bonifazi, Mamertus and Sophie) there is no longer any danger of frost and you can take your plants outside without any worries and really blossom in the garden. Or as the farmers put it: “Until Pankratius, Servatius and Boniface are over, May is not safe from the cold.”

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But what else do the golden farming rules say about the Ice Saints?

Mamertus on May 11th: “Saint Mamerz has a heart of ice.” On May 12th: “If it freezes on Pankratius, a lot of things in the garden will be ruined.” On May 13th the following applies: “There was no warm weather before Servatius , it’s getting nicer from day to day.” Sophie influences May 14th: “Sophie is called the cold one because she likes to bring cold weather.” and “The cold one Sophie, she likes to bring at the end a downpour.”

Farmer’s rules about the weather – the dormouse and what it brings

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It is expected that the weather on this day will continue for a while. If it is sunny, it should stay that way for the next 7 weeks. Is it raining? Then a seven-week period of rain awaits us. Or as it originally says:

“The weather on Dormouse Day may last another seven weeks.” “If the Dormouse is wet, it rains nonstop.” Design: Deavita/Canva

A hot first week of August means lots of winter snow

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Thunderstorms in September – cold in February

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Snow in October – Mild winter

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If the leaves don’t fall on time, the winter will be long

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For summer to be warm, winter must be cold

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