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Advantages of Thai foot massage – Thai Massage Stuttgart

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Advantages of Thai foot massage – Thai Massage Stuttgart

Thai foot reflexology massage in Stuttgart against poor blood circulation

Thai foot reflexology massage – relaxation for the feet

Our feet do a lot more for us every day than you might actually believe. During an active day, our feet carry on average the weight of four ICE trains! This corresponds to approximately 2500 tons. And in a whole year, that’s more than twice the weight of New York’s Statue of Liberty. That’s why you should do something good for your feet every now and then. For example, with a traditional Thai massage in Stuttgart plus a Thai foot massage.

The first foot massage techniques were developed over 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and ancient China. Based on these ancient methods, reflexology emerged in the United States of America in 1913.

This reflexology massage involves pressure on the feet. This is based on a complex system of zones and reflex zones that correspond to other parts of the body.

Thai foot reflexology massage stimulates blood circulation

Many symptoms can be caused or stimulated by poor blood circulation. Examples of this include lack of energy and general fatigue. What many people don’t know, however, is that a Thai foot massage is one of the now quite numerous methods of stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Ultimately, this also has a preventative effect against varicose veins, a problem that is quite likely to occur over time and can be combated with this.

Foot massage for relaxation

Similar to the traditional Thai massage, the foot massage also relaxes different parts of the body, not just the feet. Thai foot massages also slow the pulse, among other things. They also stimulate digestion, which is used by the masseur to relieve the patient’s cramps.

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Here too, good communication with the masseuse is essential in order to effectively treat your own symptoms. Of course, there is also the option of carrying out a foot massage yourself in order to achieve the desired effect and treat the pain, but before carrying out this, you must find out specifically about the symptoms and which areas need to be massaged and how

Thai foot massage for pain relief

Fatigue and aching feet are often better relieved by a good Thai massage or foot massage. For example, according to a study, patients who underwent surgery had less pain after a foot massage than patients who were treated only with painkillers. The relaxing effect of foot massage has already been explained above, but this is particularly worth emphasizing here, especially after long walks or other heavy strain on the feet.

Foot massage for anxiety and depression

Thai foot massage is not only good for lifting your mood, fighting migraines and stimulating blood circulation, it can also lower blood pressure. A foot massage is particularly recommended in cases of anxiety and inner unrest or depression, as it can effectively combat these. Foot massages resulted in a 50% decrease in anxiety during therapy in one study. So a foot massage is good to just switch off from time to time, but also to combat panic and similar symptoms of anxiety.

In conclusion, one can say that there are many very good reasons for a Thai massage with foot massage. Thai massages have a variety of effects, such as combating migraines and lowering blood pressure. They can also be very helpful against anxiety. That’s why, why not try out a foot massage at Kitty’s Thai Massage in Stuttgart?

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