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Amazfit launches a new device to improve health management

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Amazfit launches a new device to improve health management

Amazfit Introduces New Body Composition Analyzer Mat for Health Monitoring

Amazfit, a well-known brand among wearable device enthusiasts, has recently launched a new tool aimed at helping users keep track of their health. The Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat is designed to be used in conjunction with the Amazfit Balance fitness smartwatch, which was released last year.

This new device utilizes bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to provide detailed readings of users’ body composition. By standing on the mat’s stainless steel electrodes, users will receive measurements for eight key health parameters, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, water content, protein levels, and basal metabolic rate.

While the Amazfit Balance smartwatch also offers similar measurements, it focuses primarily on upper body metrics. The Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat, on the other hand, focuses on lower body measurements, resulting in a more comprehensive analysis of overall health metrics when combined with the smartwatch data.

The device is currently priced at 39.90 euros in Italy and is available for purchase on the Amazfit store, but only in combination with the Amazfit Balance smartwatch. It is expected to be available on Amazon soon as well.

Users can track their health metrics and view a complete picture of their overall health on a dedicated application, although the manufacturer specifies that the device is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment.

For those interested in comprehensive health monitoring, the Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat offers a convenient and accurate solution to keep track of key health parameters alongside the Amazfit Balance smartwatch.

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