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Amazon, the Prime sale subscription at 49.90 euros from 15 September

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Amazon, the Prime sale subscription at 49.90 euros from 15 September

First increase since 2018. From 15 September Amazon Prime will cost € 49.90 per year or 4.99 per month. In the first case an increase of 13.90 euros, in the second of one euro but precisely on a monthly basis. Even though it was in the air, subscribers discovered it in the morning of July 26 from an email with which the e-commerce giant communicated the changes, made according to the contractual conditions. The reasons? “The reasons for this change are related to a general and substantial increase in the overall costs due to theinflationwhich affects the specific costs of the Amazon Prime service in Italy and are based on external circumstances, out of our control”.

Prime Day is no longer what it used to be

by Riccardo Luna

The subscription price, which remains the richest and most convenient in circulation, will also rise in four other European markets, the most important: Germany (from 69 to 89.90 euros, + 30%), France (from 49 to 69.90, + 43%), United Kingdom (from 79 to 95 pounds, + 20%) and Spain (as in Italy, + 39%). For those who renew (or subscribe from scratch) by that date, the price will remain at 36 euros, unless of course it will rise from the following renewal. This is the second increase since the launch of the offer in Italy in 2011 – the Italian site was operational since the autumn of 2010 -, the first since the jump in 2018 when it went from € 19.99 to the current 36.

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Record-breaking Amazon Prime Day: over 300 million items sold

There are obviously more structured underlying reasons: inflation is the generic label that hides important cost increases in all respects, from the management of the logistics network, on its own or under contract, to the costs for the operation of pachydermic centers. distribution throughout Europe. Then there are the investment in content, which for example have transformed Prime Video into a differentiated platform in terms of genres, just think of football, and with more original content, tripled since 2018. In September, the series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” also arrives. Only in 2020 did Amazon invest globally 11 billion dollars for these productions.

Finally, Prime is not the one of 2011: the unlimited deliveries in one day for a disproportionate number of products have been joined over time by many other services ranging from cloud space for photos to Prime Music music through ebooks, Twitch Prime as well as discounts and reserved offers, such as Prime Day when over 300 million items have been sold or same-day shopping (which however is paid for separately).

Tv in streaming

Amazon Prime Video changes its look. And it ends up turning into Netflix

by Emanuele Capone

“We continue to strive to improve the Amazon Prime service for our customers. It is the first time that we have changed the price of Prime in Italy since 2018 – reads the note, which follows what the spokespersons of the group are repeating in these hours – in the meantime, we have expanded the selection of products available with unlimited fast Prime delivery, without additional costs; we have activated and improved the delivery of groceries with Amazon Fresh; and we have added more and more quality digital entertainment, such as TV series, movies, music, games and books. In particular, Prime Video has expanded the collection of Amazon Originals series and films and has activated access to live sports, such as the Uefa Champions League ”.

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