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“An infected can infect 17 other people”

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“An infected can infect 17 other people”

Omicron 5 and the variant of Covid more infectious: it is able to bypass the immune defenses generated by the disease and also by vaccines. Translated: those who have already fallen ill with Covid can get reinfected and those who have received three doses of the vaccine remain exposed to the infection caused by this last mutation of the virus.

Not only. The Omicron 5 variant of the SarsCoV2 virus’ may have the ability to escape even the fourth dose of vaccine “. And the words of the virologist Giorgio Palùpresident of the Italian drug agency (Aifa), create a certain alarm.

Omicron 5, Bassetti against Pregliasco: “I don’t know how he can predict the peak at the end of July”

Omicron 5, the symptoms: fatigue, cough and fever (but it is not a flu). Costa: “Stop isolation for asymptomatic positives”

Mild symptoms, many contagion. And in the fall there may be an increase in hospitalizations hospital, and it will still be necessary to get vaccinated. This is what he summarizes on new variant Omicron 5 the infectious specialist Matteo Bassetti speaking of medical colleagues who would have caused alarmism in the media, as reported by the newspaper QN.

“We have to live with this virus, but we have known it for some time – says Bassetti -. I was hoping to find more maturity from politics and from my colleagues. Other countries have experienced this hypercirculation of Omicron 5 without alarmism: many infections, but mild symptoms compared to the original virus. After 3 or 4 days of fever, sore throat e tiredness, everything passes and is resolved. We need a cool head, but again whoever should have it is lacking ».

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In the autumn, “maybe we will have a real increase in hospitalizations, we will need to revaccinate and use the masks. At that point – Bassetti fears – after this ‘good luck, good luck’, people will no longer believe and the vaccination campaign will be a flop ».

Pregliasco: “Extreme contagiousness”

Omicron 5 more contagious than measles and chickenpox. The virologist claims it Fabrizio Pregliasco: extreme transmissibility, an element of risk for the near future. “We were already on pre-alert for a rise in Covid infections in the autumn – says Pregliasco, professor of Hygiene at the State University of Milan and medical director of Irccs Galeazzi – but the presence of this new Omicron BA.5 variant surprised us . This virus has an extreme contagiousness, even higher than that of measles and of varicellawith an R0 ranging between 15 and 17: just think that the Wuhan variant, the original one, had an R0 of 2.5, while the Delta of 7. These values ​​represent the average number of secondary cases compared to an index case , therefore these are values ​​that make it much more fearful: a person infected with BA.5 can infect another 15 or 17 ».

Dominant variant

The Omicron 5 variant, for Pregliasco, is destined to become dominant also in Italy: “The onset of this variant, a little more benevolent, but not too much (mistake to consider it as a simple influenza!) is an ‘adapted’ virus that replicates in the upper airways, then develops into cold, headache and also some cases of dysentery, but with lower disease outcomes. This is because most of the population has been vaccinated, or is sick, or is vaccinated and sick and cured. So a background of immune responses that, often and willingly, did not prevent the infection, but guaranteed a more banal course “.

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Long Covid

«The good news – says Pregliasco – is that, according to a recent study in the Micron 5, the Long Covid it is present, but in lower percentages than the other variants “.

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