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Apple prompts users to rate apps

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After Apple opened the scoring function of built-in apps in the App Store earlier, the ratings for these apps have not been high, but since Apple added the scoring prompt, their ratings have increased significantly.

In the iOS 15.1 update, Apple has added a rating prompt to the Podcasts App. When using it, a prompt will pop up so that users can rate it. After the new feature was added, its score suddenly rose sharply, from less than 2 stars (US App Store) to nearly 5 stars, which is quite amazing.

Similar scoring prompts do not violate the App Store rules. In fact, many apps have similar mechanisms to make satisfied users remember to provide positive reviews, instead of only dissatisfied users who actively score, but some people criticize Apple It is misleading users, thinking that it is used to evaluate the content rather than the App itself.

Source: MacRumors

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