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Bao Buns (steamed dumplings) with mushroom filling | > – Guide – Cooking

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Bao Buns (steamed dumplings) with mushroom filling |  > – Guide – Cooking

Ingredients for the dumplings:

Warm milk and water slightly. Add the yeast and dissolve it in the liquid. Place two thirds of the flour in a mixing bowl. Stir the remaining third into the yeast milk, then pour into the mixing bowl. Add some olive oil. Process the mixture in a food processor to form a smooth dough. Cover and let rise in a warm, draft-free place for 1 hour. It should double in time.

Dust the work surface and hands with flour. Take the dough out of the bowl, knead it briefly and let it relax for a few minutes. Then divide into equal pieces and form into balls. Press the ball down a little and use a rolling pin to roll it into flat cakes about 1 cm thick. Cut baking paper the size of half a flatbread. Brush the flatbread surfaces with oil. Place the baking paper on half of the surface and fold the dough flats together.

Heat some water in a wide pot. Place the bamboo steamer or steamer insert on top. The water must not be higher than the base of the insert. Place baking paper on the inner surface again. Place the folded dough flatbreads on top. Place the lid on the bamboo steamer or pot and let the bao buns steam for about 10-15 minutes. Then remove and remove the baking paper.

Ingredients for the filling:

Clean the mushrooms and cut them into long strips or slices. Also remove the stems from the shiitake. Peel onions. Dice one part and cut the other into narrow strips. Also dice the tomatoes and cut the celery into thin slices. Deseed the chili pepper and peel the garlic. Chop both finely. Clean the coriander and pick the leaves from the stems.

Place the tomatoes, celery and the diced onion in a bowl and mix. Season with lime juice, maple syrup, chili and a little salt. Finally, fold in the coriander leaves. Set aside a few leaves for serving.

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Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the mushrooms in it, then add the onion strips. After 2-3 minutes add some soy sauce, vinegar and garlic. Reduce the heat and let the mushrooms braise for a few minutes until the liquid has almost evaporated. Mix the fried mushrooms with the tomato and celery mixture. Season with salt and pepper. Unfold the bao buns and fill them with the mushroom and vegetable mixture. Place on a plate and garnish with some coriander or sprouts.

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Mushrooms are delicious, healthy and versatile. How do you prepare them correctly? Can you reheat mushrooms? Tips and recipes. more

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