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be careful, in this case they are toxic

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be careful, in this case they are toxic
Beans (Adobe Photo)

The recent guidelines suggest to eat frequently sources of proteins of vegetable origin – alternating them with those of animal origin – as valid allies for our health. Therefore, the presence of legumes, for example from the ones, cannot be ignored in the laid tables beans: theirs low content from grassi makes them valid allies of diets aimed at weight loss.

But not only that, this food is characterized by other noble organoleptic properties. It is rich in: proteins (Essential for the maintenance and repair of cells and tissues), fibre (promote healthy digestion), vitamins (play an important role in the overall functioning of our body) e phytosterols (reduce cholesterol levels). However, it must be done Attention: to eat it it is essential to follow an indication.

When you absolutely must not eat beans

Raw lectin beans health hazard
Beans (Adobe Stock)

In the previous paragraph, the precious – and recognized – nutritional value of beans emerged. What is less known are the risks that derive from its consumption, or rather, from a specific (and incorrect) way of eating it.

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To eat raw beans o undercookedeven in very small doses, can lead to intoxications food, including symptoms (which begin within hours of consumption) such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is therefore dangerous; in some cases mortalFood poisoning can pose a serious health risk, especially for those (young and / or elderly) who have a compromised immune system.

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This food indeed contains a compound called lectin (a glycoprotein) present in a wide variety of commonly consumed plant foods, which in nature acts as a natural defense of the seeds of legumes against parasites and plant pathogens. The one found in beans, the fitoemoagglutinina (PHA), is toxic

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Vademecum to eat beans without risk

Unlike what happens with intoxications caused by patonegi agents (for example the Escherichia coli), that caused by the consumption of raw or undercooked beans is easily avert.

The toxin we talked about can be eliminated by doing to boil (cooking at 100 ° C) raw beans for at least 30 minutes (in order to ensure that the product reaches a sufficient temperature, for a sufficient period of time, to eliminate the toxin). For this reason, the pots a slow cooking not they must be used: they do not reach the heat that eliminates the presence of phytohemagglutinin.

The guidelines of the scientific community they suggest following a series of steps to ensure that the bean meal does not result in a “last supper”. Below is the Go with me:

  • soak all the beans overnight (to remove any residual toxins);
  • drain them before cooking and changing the water;
  • cook them according to package directions;
  • make sure that all those being cooked are brought to the boiling point for the period of time specified in the package.

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