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Bolzano and Trento first for people’s health status – Healthcare

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Bolzano and Trento first for people’s health status – Healthcare

The autonomous provinces of Bolzano and Trento confirm themselves in the lead with the highest values ​​regarding the ‘state of health of the population’ahead of Tuscany, Veneto and Lombardy, while the Southern Regions have lower values ​​than the national average. An exception is Abruzzo which has seen a clear improvement, climbing 5 positions, compared to 2022. This is what emerges from the ‘Meridiano Sanità Regional Index’, the multidimensional assessment tool of the performance of regional health systems, now in its ninth edition and illustrated from The European House – Ambrosetti on the occasion of the presentation of the eighteenth ‘Meridiano Sanità’ Report.
The analysis also highlights that the South has worse results than the Northern and Central Regions in 26 out of 35 parameters and that Umbria and Emilia-Romagna are first in terms of their ability to respond to health needs. The regional Index is made up of 3 different Indexes, for a total of 35 monitored parameters: that of the State of Health which evaluates the results in terms of health that the Regions have guaranteed to date for their citizens; the Index of Health Determinants, which evaluates the elements that have a concrete impact on the health status of the population, divided into 3 different areas such as ‘individual factors’, ‘socio-economic context factors’ and ‘context factors’ environmental’; the Health Maintenance Index, which evaluates the ability of health systems to improve the health results achieved so far in the near future, which is in turn divided into ‘Ability to respond to health needs’, ‘Effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of healthcare provision and ‘Economic resources’.
As regards the ability of the regional system to organize itself to face the challenges of prevention (both vaccination and screening), management of patients in the area and access to technological and pharmacological innovation, compared to last year, Umbria surpasses Emilia-Romagna leads the way while the Tuscany region follows in third place, as in the previous year. Also in this case all the Southern Regions except Abruzzo are below the national average.

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