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“Brave New World 1800” “Fire of Eden” will be launched on December 14th-Anno 1800

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Brave New World 1800 today announced the upcoming season 4, and announced that the game mode “Eden Burning” that won the UNEP recommended award will be released for free on December 14. “Brave New World 1800″ is now on Windows PC platform (Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store) in favorable sales. Brave New World 1800 will bring its fourth season in 2022 with 3 expansions.

The number of players in Brave New World 1800 recently surpassed 2 million. To celebrate the achievement of this milestone, the upcoming game update will bring players two ship appearances as gifts: one for battle cruisers and the other for Sail battleship.

The “Fire of Eden”, which debuted at the Green Game Jam, a green game creation contest in 2021, brought a brand new “Script” game mode to “Brave New World 1800″. The “Fire of Eden” script uses a roguelike mechanism to teach players the environmental hazards of exploitative economy. Players must complete an industrial project without destroying their ecosystem, while weighing the impact of using renewable and non-renewable resources. Their decisions will have a positive or negative impact on their environment, and players who prioritize sustainable practices will see the best results. “Fire of Eden” will be available through the free “Game Update 13” launched on December 14. In Season 4, at least one new “script” will be provided for each new expansion.

Brave New World 1800 also collaborates with Ecologi, a social enterprise that funds reforestation and other carbon reduction projects. Starting on December 14, players purchase the “Tree Planting” expansion to obtain a decorative tree that can be planted in their city. Ubisoft will donate at least $1 to Ecologi every time the expansion of “Planting the Tree” is sold. After March 31, 2022, the expansion will be removed from the in-game store, but players who own the expansion can keep it in their account forever. Decorative trees will also be given away for free later in 2022.

Marcel Hatam, the international brand manager of the Brave New World series at Ubisoft Mainz Studios, said: “The Brave New World team believes that it is very important to protect our planet and take action in response to climate change. I participated in the green game earlier this year. It is a great honor for us to create the Green Game Jam contest and win the UNEP recommendation award. We are very happy that we can now use our latest free game update to bring this concept into reality and demonstrate how video games can educate players on environmental issues Use it.”

In addition, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ubisoft, Brave New World 1404 Classic Retrospective Edition will be given away for free from December 6th to December 14th.

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