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Can eating the same things every day be bad for your health?

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Can eating the same things every day be bad for your health?

It can happen that you eat the same things for several days, perhaps due to lack of time or the desire to cook something different, but can this be bad for your health? Let’s find out together.

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Maybe because we have a lot of leftovers in the fridge we have to eat them same things for several days in a row or we are used to this from an early age and we never went through the hall of the brain to change our habits food.

On the other hand, if we like something we don’t want to do anything but eat it indefinitely. But to what extent can this behavior be good for our body?

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Is eating the same things all the time good or bad?

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Eating the same food all the time automatically eliminates any other possibility and this can be good for some, because it is one less thought to deal with. The same goes for those who always wear the same clothes every day. And we also have very well-known examples, think for example of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Barack Obama. So there are people who live happier and happier in this way. But the habit of always preferring the same food can it be harmful to health?

According to dietician Anna Debenham: “It depends on what those meals are, but… there is a risk of one shortage nutritional “. An article published last month analyzed the nutrition of 2,624 French and 1,275 American adults. From the study it emerged that 68% of them ate the same breakfast at least twice a week and that only 9% ate the same dinner. Perhaps because breakfast is a more functional, quick and immediate meal, while dinner takes longer, it is a convivial meal and therefore you prefer to vary.

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Then an expert in nutritional psychiatry and intestinal health, Felice Jackae, said that the more varied the diet, the more diverse the microbiota intestinal. This consequently has positive health effects. Jacka, director of the Food and Mood Center della Deakin University uses a metaphor to explain the concept:“If you think of the analogy of a rainforest, a forest that has a great diversity of plant and insect life appears to be healthier and more robust, while if you have a monoculture or an environment where one or two dominant species are present, it tends to be less robust and resilient “.

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In conclusion, there is no need to completely change your diet from one day to the next. Small changes are enough to make a difference.

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