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Cancer, there is a food to be avoided absolutely: it is on everyone’s table

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Cancer, there is a food to be avoided absolutely: it is on everyone’s table

Cancer is a disease that is increasingly on the rise. It is an enemy that spares no one, avoid this food

There are lots of foods which can increase the risk of a cancer. And there is one in particular that is absolutely from avoid. Here’s which one exactly. Every day we usually set the table with the most varied foods. Sometimes, due to lack of time, we tend to prepare what is faster. Yet the speed of preparation of a particular food is not always an advantage.

Some of the much more hasty foods are also i more dangerousspeaking in the context of salute. Especially the processed meatsspecifically i sausage, turn out to be the most dangerous. And this represents one of the causes for which we find ourselves facing the origins of a cancer.

As reported by the site daily bedl’International Agency for Research on Cancer (Iarc) dell’Omsspoke of the risks caused by processed meats. Specifically, it has been stated that it may be less dangerous to eat red meats frequently, rather than processed meats which can be downright more carcinogenic.

This is the food to avoid, it increases the risk of cancer

Cancer exists one food to avoid

A belief which was reached only after years of study and research. WHO has included this element in the blacklistin short, in the category of foods that can be very harmful and can give rise to a cancer. Among the various researches carried out, the one carried out by the University of California and the San Diego School of Medicine is especially noteworthy.

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Where it is revealed that, people taking huge amounts of Red meathave a higher risk of taking a cancer. The triggering cause is the presence of a type of sugar present inside mammals, which we ourselves feed on once we consume that particular meat. It is a gene, the CMAHpresent in mammals but which does not exist in humans.

This gene it is not present in the poultry and nei rabbitsfor this reason the consumption of White meat rather than red meat. Processed meats can be as dangerous as smoking and alcohol when consumed in excessive and above average quantities. The presence of this gene, thanks to such studies, has shown its danger.

For this reason it is best to be very careful with your own Power supply, to avoid being able to suffer various damages over time. Sometimes it also means facing very serious diseases.

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