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Covid-19, football, music and much more: this is what Italians searched for the most on Google

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Characters, sports, questions related to current events, various kinds of “tips & tricks”, entertainment and travel: there is obviously everything in the cauldron of searches carried out on the Internet over the last twelve months and Google, as has become tradition, has compiled the ranking of the queries that in 2021 recorded the highest traffic peak (for an extended period of time). We are therefore not talking about the most “frequent” searches in absolute value but about those that have set a trend compared to the previous year. Sole24ore.com had the opportunity to get to know them in advance, let’s discover them together.

From Europeans to the Green Pass: here is the top 10

Summer 2021 will go down in history as the one in which Italians returned to the streets to celebrate a victory for the national football team. Europeans, not surprisingly, is among the 10 most popular words in sports together with Serie A, Champions League Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Matteo Berrettini and Christian Eriksen, the Danish Inter player who remained for a few seconds between life and death on the playing field on the occasion of the continental football festival. To close the top 10 a legend of the world of entertainment such as Raffaella Carrà and the inevitable Green Pass

The most followed characters

Eriksen, Berrettini and Raffaella Carrà are also present in the Google hit relating to the most followed characters on the Net during 2021. Also in this case sport and pop culture are the masters thanks to Mario Draghi and Donnarumma (the former goalkeeper of Milan and one of the architects of the Azzurri’s victory at the European Championships), the Maneskin and Jannik Sinner (the rising star of Italian tennis), the eternal Federica Pellegrini, the evergreen Orietta Berti and the great protagonist of the Tokyo Olympics, Marcell Jacobs , winner of the 100 meters and standard-bearer of the blue relay who won gold in the 4x100m. Among the characters who disappeared this year who have had the most following are names known to the general public such as the founder of Emergency Gino Strada, celebrities of music and dance such as Milva, Franco Battiato and Carla Fracci and royal figures such as Prince Philip. Other very popular characters were therefore Nick Kamen (Madonna’s pupil), the actor Libero de Rienzo and the young singer (former competitor of Amici and X Factor) Michele Merlo.

All about Covid-19

The health emergency and the pandemic have been a daily online appointment for millions of Italians. In the list of terms with the highest concentration of traffic on Google’s search engine, naturally stand out terms such as Green pass Astrazeneca, Covid and “vaccine reservation” and others that refer to the months in which we were struggling with the restrictions imposed by decrees and colors of the Regions, such as Curfew, Orange Zone and Self-certification in March 2021.

From homemade sushi to the curriculum: the trendy “how to do it…”

The prolongation of the pandemic emergency has also easily influenced the type of requests made with the aim of collecting information useful for carrying out a specific action. Among the trending questions are therefore those relating to how to obtain the SPID and the Green pass and to book the anti Covid vaccine and the third dose together with a vast sample of other useful tips. They range from how to make the Rubik’s cube to the backup of WhatsApp, from the knot to the tie to the drafting of the curriculum, from the screenshot on the PC to the washing machine. In the kitchen, another recurring catchphrase for Italians on Google, the dishes and ingredients finished in the top ten of 2021 trends are pizza and sushi, béchamel and tomato paste, boiled (and scrambled) eggs and porridge, the meat broth and the ravioli.

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