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Covid: OO.SS. health, Parini without project – Valle d’Aosta

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Public health cannot be just “Covid and vaccines”


“The perpetuation without ‘mutations’ and according to ‘outdated’ schemes of the management of beds and staff” al Parini “leaves little hope. This is a film that has already been seen several times and three waves of almost two years of pandemic emergency have not been enough to change the pace “.
Almost all the unions of medical, health, veterinary and sector management (such as nurses and oss) write this in a note. “The operating theaters are opened and closed as if the surgery department were an ‘accordion’, with the usual reason for the emergency” and the same fate “has beenfall the hospital beds since mid-November” which was followed by a “clogging of the emergency room for days due to no Covid patients awaiting hospitalization”.
There is no “adequate filter on the territory”, write the trade unions. and with “these assumptions, the risk that the region could become a ‘yellow zone’ or even ‘orange’, but not for epidemiological reasons linked to the virus, seems quite concrete”.
The hospital “continues to be cyclically paralyzed, with health personnel being moved from one place to another, without a project that foresees which activities (including outpatient activities) are actually and temporarily ‘expendable’ and which are not”.
“Public health – they continue – cannot be just ‘Covid and vaccines‘ for the only Usl company in the region”.

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