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Covid, Rezza: “The use of tampons must be evaluated based on the epidemiological situation”

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Rapid antigen tests may have lower sensitivity with false negative results. But with the Delta variant the viral load is higher and therefore you should have less of this problem. On the other hand, molecular antigen tests are more complex and it is difficult to repeat them over time. But the evaluation of the use must be done on the basis of the moment. “He explained it Gianni Rezza, Director General Prevention of the Ministry of Health, at a press conference on the analysis of the data of the COVID-19 regional monitoring of the Control Room, answering the question on the problem of the reliability of rapid tampons highlighted by several experts.

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“The problem is that rapid antigenic swabs compared to molecular tests can have lower sensitivity – adds Rezza – So the possibility of false negatives cannot be excluded, especially if the viral load is not high. With the Delta variant infection, the viral load is high, so this problem could be lower. Moleculars have a higher sensitivity, but it is true that they are more elaborate and the response is longer. So the advantage of antigenic tests is that they can be done repeatedly on individuals and on the community. They have been widely used and guarantee, in some way, an instrument of public health control at the community level and allow the control of infection “.

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