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Diabetes and oral health: the importance of prevention

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The “sixth complication of diabetes”, so the Italian Society of Periodontology (Sidp), defines periodontitis, confirming the numerous studies that show the correlation between the two diseases.

A link, the one between chronic disease, which makes it more difficult for the body to fight them infections, and the problems related to it such as, in fact, gengiviti e periodontitis, the result of which can lead to the loss of bone tissue and consequently of the teeth.

To counteract its onset, the best weapon remains there prevention which goes through a series of tricks ranging from careful mouth hygiene to a diet rich in antioxidants, first of all the C vitamin, able to reduce its incidence, recorded in continuous growth. In Italy alone, there are five million diabetics (Arno Diabete ’15 Report of the Italian Diabetes Society).

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How to intervene in case of diabetes

Diabetes: prevention starts with oral health |  News FINISH

It plays an equally crucial role the dentist: “Since the links between food, mouth (periodontitis) and consequent diseases (such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases) have now been established”, underlines the Dr. Jacopo Gualtieri, dentist member of EAO (European Association for Osseointegration), specialized in implantology and bone regeneration

The task of dentists and hygienists is to intervene both to identify the subjects at risk, evaluating those factors such as age, obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation that are common to periodontal disease and can increase the risk of cardiac events, both helping established patients to prevent or reduce related cardiovascular, neurological, ocular, renal and dental complications.

“Once the two-way mechanisms that link diabetes and periodontal disease are understood – continues Gualtieri – screening strategies must be developed to treat patients from different perspectives, so as to act in a preventive and synergistic sense on various fronts”.

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