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Doctor’s office closed: Get help here

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Doctor’s office closed: Get help here

It doesn’t always have to be an emergency doctor

The emergency doctor is often called due to uncertainty – understandable, but this can burden control centers and emergency doctors with situations that do not represent real emergencies. You can do this instead.

It is better to contact the medical emergency services first. On the toll-free number 116117 you can reach a patient service who will inquire about your situation and carry out an initial assessment. Depending on your needs, they will refer you to the appropriate nearby facility, arrange a home visit by an on-call doctor if necessary or refer you to the emergency service if necessary.

This is what the medical on-call service does

Patients who need urgent medical attention but are not in a life-threatening situation and cannot wait until their next regular consultation appointment can find support from the medical on-call service.

First you will reach the patient service, where employees from the responsible regional control center will be available to assist you. The employee will then help you assess which steps are necessary next and arrange everything else for you.

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