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Documents show that Google had plans to acquire EPIC Games partially or fully to resolve the dispute between the two parties | Technology Entertainment | Digital

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The content of the document was revealed earlier, showing that Google had considered partial or full acquisition of the entire equity of EPIC Games in order to resolve the dispute between the two parties.

At the same time, Google also admitted that even if Android platform users can use Fortnite through additional download and installation, the installation process will inevitably face many manual procedures, including downloading game APK files from the EPIC Games server. And allow Android phones to manually install, and may even need to download more additional content, the process almost takes at least 15 minutes.

If it is downloaded and installed directly through the Google Play Store pipeline, the download and installation can be completed automatically only through up to two steps, showing that there is less publicity available on the Google Play Store, which is actually quite unfavorable for EPIC Games.

Prior to this, EPIC Games believed that although Google seemed to be competing with Apple, it was actually not the case. Instead, through a joint partnership, Apple could have greater control over the App Store.

According to EPIC Games, it is believed that Google pays 8 billion to 12 billion U.S. dollars to Apple every year in exchange for becoming the default search engine for services such as the Safari browser, and therefore obtaining huge searches.advertiseWait for profit. Although Google uses Android to compete with Apple’s iOS devices in form, it actually maintains a considerable degree of cooperation, causing Apple to have no obvious competitive pressure in the market.

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Therefore, developers must comply with Apple’s rules in many cases, including revenue sharing ratios, or strict use of platform service specifications. At the same time, Google also adopts almost the same revenue sharing and usage specifications as Apple. It does not highlight more platform advantages that attract developers in the market. In fact, it creates a market monopoly with Apple, allowing developers and users to follow its rules.

In addition, according to the representative of EPIC GameslawyerThe submitted documents show that EPIC Games has invested more than US$500 million in game operations, especially in the EPIC Games Store, which attracts players through incentives such as free games, or pays US$200 million to Sony to obtain exclusive sales of some game content. , Resulting in the EPIC Games Store has not yet received positive profits.

According to the content of the exposure documents, the EPIC Games Store lost more than 181 million U.S. dollars in 2019, and accumulated losses of 273 million U.S. dollars in 2020. This year, it is expected to have a loss of 139 million U.S. dollars, and it is not even expected until 2027. There will be positive revenue.

“The original text was published in the cooperative media mashdigi, and the United News Network was authorized to reprint it. 》

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