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Eating disorders, at «Matteo Rota» attention to young people

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Eating disorders, at «Matteo Rota» attention to young people

Pope John Assists in the Battle Against Eating Disorders

Emi Bondi, director of the mental health and addictions department of the Papa Giovanni Asst, has emphasized the growing issue of eating disorders in young people and the urgent need to address it. In response, “Pope John” has announced the opening of a new clinic dedicated to young people between the ages of 14 and 24 who are experiencing the onset of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder.

The clinic, located in the former “Matteo Rota” building on via Garibaldi 13, Pavilion Mazzoleni, first floor, will provide a comprehensive approach to treatment. Patients will undergo evaluations by psychologists, psychiatrists, and nutritionists to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. The clinic will also provide multidisciplinary care, including support from a psychologist, nutritionist, rehabilitation technician, internal specialist, and dietician. Furthermore, the clinic is part of the wider “Pope John” network, integrating psychiatry and pediatrics for minor patients and creating a holistic approach to care.

Access to the clinic is by appointment only and can be reserved by calling 035/22.78.626 or by emailing [email protected] Patients must also have residency in one of the 69 municipalities in the territory of competence of the Papa Giovanni Asst for Child Neuropsychiatry or one of the 58 municipalities for Psychiatry. The new clinic is a part of the regional plan for combating eating disorders and has been activated with resources provided by the National Fund.

Bondi stressed the importance of raising awareness about eating disorders and breaking the stigma associated with seeking help. She highlighted the need to create motivation for healing and care, as many individuals, especially young girls, are hesitant to seek assistance due to fears of gaining weight or being seen as weak-willed. The need for these services is increasing, with a significant rise in cases post-Covid and the age of onset of symptoms decreasing.

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“We know that there is a huge underground economy, and the phenomenon is growing. These are disorders that arrive in the emergency room sometimes in dramatic conditions, or because there are complications or comorbidities with other psychiatric disorders,” said Bondi. “We realistically believe that the opening of this new service will receive a large influx of people because the demand is strong. It’s like this everywhere; at a national level, we are talking about three million young people, especially girls, with these types of disorders.”

The opening of this new clinic represents a significant step in addressing the growing issue of eating disorders among young people and providing them with the comprehensive care and support they need.

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