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Feat Food, Cellply and the other startups entered into the Italian Tech database

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Eye4Nir, Wiseair, Cellply and Termo are the new startups that have entered the Startup Database of Italian Tech which debuted on 23 September last (here the explanation of the reasons and objectives); in addition, space also for the new rounds of Feat Food and Mirta. Here’s who they are and how they grow.

Eye4Nir is a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, founded in 2021 by Andrea Ballabio. It has developed a technology capable of seeing what escapes the human eye, allowing images to be acquired in conditions of poor visibility. In December 2021, the company closed a first seed round of 600 thousand euros, subscribed by the Poli360 fund, managed by 360 Capital and Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer, managed by Eureka! Venture SGR.

Wiseair is a startup that deals with environmental monitoring for Public Administrations. Their platform displays real-time data and analysis on air quality. It was founded in 2019 and on Millionaire we talked about it here.

Cellply is a biotech startup founded in Bologna in 2013 and specialized in solutions in the field of medical bioengineering. In December 2021 it closed a € 2 million round led by LIFTT and the partners of Italian Angels for Growth.

Termo is a greentech company based in Fondi (in the province of Latina). It deals with energy efficiency systems and operates on the market as a general contractor for building projects for the energy requalification of buildings. In December it closed a Series C round of € 7.3 million led by the Italian Technology and Growth Fund – FITEC.

Feat Food is a healthy food delivery startup, i.e. home delivery of healthy food, founded in 2015 by Andrea Lippolis and Lorenzo Danese. In December 2021, it closed a 1.5 million euro investment round led by CDP Venture Capital SGR’s Startup Relaunch Fund.

Mirta is a startup founded by Ciro Di Lanno and Martina Capriotti in 2019, based in Milan, which has developed an ecommerce dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy. It closed a € 2.5 million seed round led by German venture capital Picus Capital.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech DB: today the Italian Tech database counts 508 startup cards, 590 rounds and 320 investor cards.


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