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few anti-inflammatory foods lead to dementia and cognitive deficits – Time

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Our health is closely linked to what we eat. A healthy diet, as the word itself says, certainly brings benefits to our body. Even to our brains. A newly published research also says that healthy food defends us against cognitive decline and senile dementia. Not only when we are in the third age, but also during the development phase.

Food Day and Covid, the alarm of prof.  Tripodi (San Raffaele): A healthy diet for everyone at risk

The study, reported by Neurology and taken from Ilfattoalimentare.it, was conducted by the University of Athens. The sample is made up of one thousand people with an average age of 73. For a very long period, which lasted three years, their eating habits and their cognitive status were observed. There are three diet models: the one based on 20 portions of fruit per week, the one with 19 portions of vegetables and, finally, the one with 4 of legumes, 11 cups of coffee or tea. Well, it was found that “those who were among the minor consumers of anti-inflammatory foods had a triple risk of experiencing a cognitive deficit, if not a real dementia”.


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