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Few people know about this great bone ally and natural cancer killer

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According to the estimates announced during the World Osteoporosis Day, a bone fracture occurs in the world every 3 seconds. These mainly depend on the fragility affecting the areas most at risk, such as wrists, vertebrae and femur. Furthermore, it is not a simple matter of age, because the data confirm that the problem could come well in advance. In terms of women’s health, for example, it emerges that a quarter of women in the world population suffer, in total, 25,000 fractures every day. Below, therefore, we will evaluate how to stem the problem with a food that is also useful in cancer prevention.

Few people know about this great bone ally and natural cancer killer

As always, nutrition proves to be a milestone in the fight against diseases of various kinds. For example, we have previously praised this poor fish, an ally of the heart, and its astounding effects on bones and teeth. Below, we will expose the thousand benefits of soy and the support that this legume could give to our body. However, few still know about this great bone ally and natural cancer killer. As highlighted by the Veronesi Foundation, this small exotic legume is one of the foods recommended for bone strength thanks to the abundant calcium content inside. This is one of the minerals known to help keep bones healthy, including teeth.

Soy against 4 different cancers

In addition, it has been shown that thanks to phytoestrogens such as glycitein and genistein, soy helps the body to protect tissues from the onset of cancer. In particular, these soy molecules are very similar to estrogen or female sex hormones. Precisely these compounds would make soy a natural anti-cancer, mainly for that of the prostate, uterus, breast and lungs, also preventing the spread of metastases. There are numerous studies confirming the beneficial effects of soy on the body, including some more recent ones, in which it emerges that soy isoflavones are also able to make radiotherapy more effective.

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Confirmation comes from the East

Other confirmations come from studies conducted on women from China and Japan, where the quantities of soy consumed are much higher than in Europe. Thanks to the results that emerged from Asian women, it was confirmed that soy has protective power against breast cancer. Of course, as always, we remind you that in addition to good nutrition, physical exercise and medical supervision are essential. Without the right advice and good habits it will be impossible to achieve results.


Many take them for digestion and cholesterol without knowing they could be terrible for the bones

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