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First case of “Nile fever” identified in Caserta

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First case of “Nile fever” identified in Caserta

The first positive case for Nile Fever, a disease caused by the West Nile virus, transmitted by the bite of a vector insect, the common mosquito, was found in Castel Volturno.

The disease also affects humans, often without any symptoms, but in many cases, with symptoms ranging from a simple fever to severe meningitis. In Castel Volturno it was found on a deceased horse with neurological symptoms: the organs and the brain of the animal were sent to the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Italy in Portici, to the laboratory of Exotic and Vector Insect Diseases, and were found positive for the virus.

The results were subsequently confirmed by the National Reference Center for the study and assessment of exotic animal diseases in Teramo. Following the confirmation of the positivity in equidae, the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region was immediately activated and all the actors of regional and national public health were alerted for subsequent obligations and to put the territory in safe conditions. .

“We did not have cases of this disease in Campania – Antonio Limone, Director General of IZS del Mezzogiorno, explains to Ansa – We have activated all the mechanisms of isolation and containment of the disease. Sampling operations are starting to ascertain any other positivity on equidae , poultry and mosquitoes present in the area and on the people involved in the outbreak and a disinfestation action for mosquitoes. In this way we will prevent the spread of this disease which in Italy has already caused 28 deaths and 551 infected. We are on alert, the network of epidemic surveillance activated will tend to contain the outbreak in order to prevent its spread “.

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