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Fluir: A Clinic for Emotional Well-Being in Castellón

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Fluir: A Clinic for Emotional Well-Being in Castellón

Flow: A Space to Help Find Emotional Well-being

Flow is a clinic psychology located in Calle Guitarrista Fortea, 25, Castellón, and is integrated by Sandra Vinuesa and Andreea Predescu, both health psychologists. The professional work at Flow focuses on helping patients, including couples, adults, children, and youths, to find emotional well-being in a safe space.

The Fluir team offers individual and couple therapy, mainly from the cognitive behavioral model, which has been scientifically proven effective in different types of psychological intervention. They also complement this model with other psychotherapeutic approaches to adapt to the different needs of patients.

Fluir opened its doors in November 2023 on Calle Guitarrista Fortea, 25, in Castelló.

Treatments at Flow primarily focus on anxiety, depression, and couple problems. They work to detect and address symptoms and causes of anxiety problems, depressive episodes, and issues within relationships.

The approach to these issues and their treatment is based on the idea of teamwork, with the goal of offering a greater variety of therapeutic tools to patients. Vinuesa and Predescu are committed to creating a trust space in which to work on the concerns that limit the development of the person and establish good therapeutic relationships between patients and the professionals at the clinic.

The team at Fluir seeks to respond to all problems that may arise in adults, children/youth, and couples, using techniques to best suit each individual’s needs. They strive to provide patients with tools that serve as a guide for good mental health and aim to be a guiding light for those in need.

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Overall, Flow is a space dedicated to helping individuals and couples find emotional well-being through proven therapeutic approaches and a commitment to creating a trust-based and personalized therapy experience.

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