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Heart patients monitored with an app, hospitalizations drop – Medicine

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Heart patients monitored with an app, hospitalizations drop – Medicine

Two hundred and fifty patients with heart failure were followed for a year by their doctors also with an app: with the smartphone they sent the data relating to seven vital parameters to the Cardiology department of the Piacenza hospital with which the specialists were able to constantly monitor them, decreasing the frequency of visits and hospitalizations. In all, almost 100 thousand measurements were collected from February 2023 to today. This is the first assessment of TeleCuore, a telemedicine project launched by the Piacenza Local Health Authority together with Novartis, the results of which were presented today.

“Our professionals activated, if necessary, telephone contacts to assess the patient’s state of health (11% of cases), changed the therapy followed (17%), invited the patient to go to the clinic for a personal visit (7 %) or organized a televisit (3%)”, explained Daniela Aschieri, director of Cardiology at the Piacenza hospital.

The general manager of the Piacenza Local Health Authority, Paola Bardasi, also spoke of “team work”, for whom “this pilot experience demonstrates that patient management and empowerment can be facilitated”. The trial, in fact, was appreciated by 80% of patients and 90% of doctors and was rewarded with the prestigious Lean Healthcare Award 2023. A success that has led to the idea of ​​extending the project to other local health authorities as well.

The regional health councilor, Raffaele Donini, was satisfied and reiterated how TeleCuore is “perfectly inserted in the direction of development of telemedicine” in Viale Aldo Moro, in line with national regulations. “By the first half of 2024 – he added – the regional telemedicine platform will be operational, acquired with Pnrr funds, which will communicate with the national platform and with the 2.0 health file”.

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