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How relaxing is this homemade herbal tea that would improve sleep by purifying the kidneys and intestines

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A direct survey carried out last year had highlighted a rather alarming fact. At least 1 in 4 Italian adults would suffer from insomnia. This figure is even more important when placed in a broader context. We explain ourselves better: the interviewees would also have declared that they were dragging along the fatigue then for the whole day. With negative consequences on work and interpersonal relationships. Not only sleeping pills and chamomiles, here is the natural and inexpensive ingredient that could make us sleep better. Our suggestion to read to get some useful advice on the subject. And, by the way, how relaxing is this homemade herbal tea that would improve sleep by purifying the kidneys and intestines. Let’s see it together.

Italians would sleep little and badly

Compared to many other peoples, Italians would sleep little and badly. Also according to this survey, most compatriots sleep between 6 and 7 hours at most per night. But 30% of the interviewees would even sail around 5 hours. Definitely a little too little, to try to rest your mind and body in the best possible way. We remember, in fact, that doctors and experts agree on the number of hours we should sleep per night: about 8. This is to allow our body to vent the stress and fatigue of the day, leaving in serenity for the next one.

How relaxing is this homemade herbal tea that would improve sleep by purifying the kidneys and intestines

Here, then, that it would become very important to try to sleep deeply in the few hours of sleep we have. In this sense, especially in winter, a cup of relaxing steaming herbal tea is just what you need. A relaxing and purifying herbal tea like the one we suggest to our readers would be the top to make a proper “pit stop”. Using a term dear to Formula 1.

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Borage and burdock are the 2 beneficial and less known plants

Who knows how many of our middle-aged readers will remember the emporiums of the past that really sold everything. We walked in and were immediately struck by that scent of spices, candies and aromatic herbs. Almost all contained in those huge glass bottles, which to us children seemed even bigger. Here it was possible to have sachets of healthy aromatic herbs prepared for making herbal teas. Even today, luckily for us, there are herbalists who carry out this service. The 2 plants that would suit our case are: borage and burdock.

Plants perhaps less known today, but still very valid in the search for restful sleep. We are talking about plants that would act on a purifying and relaxing level of the intestine, stomach and mind. Anti-inflammatory action recognized by science as reported in this study.

Where to buy borage and burdock herbal tea

If we do not have the possibility to have the mixture prepared in herbal medicine, no problem. We can buy it comfortably in the most well-stocked supermarkets or even comfortably on the web. We are talking about sachets ready for the infusion, to be inserted comfortably in the hot cup, enjoying them in all their well-being.


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