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In the NVIDIA Studio Week More Inspiring Artists and New Technology

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In the NVIDIA Studio Week More Inspiring Artists and New Technology

For example, 3D, rendering, special effects and other digital creations are inseparable from the GPU, and NVIDIA also provides creators with more convenient tools and platforms, allowing artists to be supported by NVIDIA RTX GPUs and Studio drivers.

However, for ordinary computer users, it is really difficult to understand the way and method of digital content creation.In the NVIDIA Studio“In the blog series, we will introduce the industry’s outstanding 3D animators, video editors, photographers and other talents every week. While enjoying the wonderful creations, you can also learn how to realize the concept of imagination through NVIDIA GPU.

First featured 3D artist Jasmin Habezai-Fekri created work using Unreal Engine, Adobe Substance 3D and Blender, accelerated with a GeForce RTX 2070 GPU.

Habezai-Fekri is a 3D game environment artist who creates props and environments with a hand-drawn feel and unique, physically-based rendering textures, whileexist”Old Forgotten Library“and”Shiba Statue” works, see Habezai-Fekri Use bright colors.

Use Adobe Substance 3D Painter to hand-paint your personal style during the creative process, and use the RTX GPU-accelerated lighting and ambient occlusion features in Substance 3D to output new textures in just seconds to help speed up your creations speed.

It also utilizes RTX-accelerated OptiX ray tracing technology in Blender’s viewport to instantly and interactively create lifelike renderings; and RTX GPUs also accelerate Blender Cycles 3.0 rendering by 2.5 times. This represents a significant reduction in waiting time and more time for creation.

Ultimately Habezai-Fekri worked on Unreal Engine using each of the final rendered textures and colors to put everything together; Habezai-Fekri worked at Airship Syndicate, where she was previously an artist at Square Enix and ArtStation. Check out her work at ArtStation, which includes a new learning session that provides a deeper understanding of her creations.

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Players who are interested in this series can lock in the weekly update In the NVIDIA Studio Blog for more creative sharing.

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