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Inulin, what it is and in which foods is the good mood fiber found

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Inulin, what it is and in which foods is the good mood fiber found

Inulin: the dietary fiber that promotes intestinal balance and good mood

When thinking of inulin, many may think of the list of ingredients in packaged products. However, inulin can also be found naturally in several foods, making it an excellent addition to any diet.

Inulin is a soluble dietary fiber that has a variety of health benefits. It can slow down the assimilation of sugars and fats, promoting a feeling of satiety. It also has a prebiotic action, nourishing the good bacteria in the intestine and promoting anti-inflammatory effects, which are beneficial for overall health.

Moreover, inulin can also improve the assimilation of important minerals such as calcium and magnesium, crucial for bone health.

One major benefit of inulin is its impact on mood. It promotes the synthesis of serotonin, the hormone that regulates mood, leading to an improved overall sense of well-being.

Inulin is present in over three thousand plants, including vegetables and fruits. Common sources of inulin include garlic, onions, bananas, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory root, asparagus, artichokes, and leeks.

By incorporating these foods into their diet, individuals can naturally increase their intake of inulin and enjoy the related health benefits. Whether it’s promoting intestinal balance, reducing inflammation, or boosting mood, inulin offers numerous advantages for those who add it to their diet.

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