Home Health Is banana the fruit of sportsmen? Here is the truth. “Crazy”

Is banana the fruit of sportsmen? Here is the truth. “Crazy”

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Is banana the fruit of sportsmen?  Here is the truth.  “Crazy”

Not always traditional remedies, especially if inherent in the food context, are actually spot on and useful for a general improvement in health, especially if we maintain a sports diet. The banana is often defined as the fruit of sportsmen, both for the practicality of consumption but also and above all for the important nutritional factor.

Is banana the fruit of sportsmen? Here is the truth. “Crazy”

Defined as a sort of “complete fruit” but according to many nutritionists not really indispensable as it does not “excel” in any specific property, the banana is actually useful in a generic context and given the composition it is actually compatible with the consumption of sportsmen.

This is because it is mainly composed of water (over 70% of its specific weight), has a reduced intake of proteins, an important one of mineral salts (especially potassium) and vitamins in a good quantity and differentiation, in particular A, B1 , B2, B6, C, E, PP useful for cell replacement and to maintain good protection of the immune system.

Definitely useful also in the digestive phase as the fiber intake is not lacking and is quite important (almost 3% of the total weight of the banana is made up of it), while fats are scarce, as are calories which do not exceed, on average, 100 for a single fruit.

It is particularly useful if consumed before exercise and physical effort, as it provides an almost immediate supply of sugars and carbohydrates shortly after consumption, thus resulting in a useful resource even between one exercise and another due also good content of carbohydrates that are “transmuted” into sugars during assimilation by the body.

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Also recommended after meals especially if you perceive a phase of “tired” energy after the effort, but it is also useful in case of drops in sugar or too low blood sugar.

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