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It’s not just men who have it: women have a “morning latte” – that’s what’s behind it

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It’s not just men who have it: women have a “morning latte” – that’s what’s behind it

The alarm clock rings and most men wake up with a stiff penis – it’s the morning boner. Some may think that this means hot sex dreams – but that is not the case.

In science, men’s morning hard was long an indication that their bladder was full and they needed to go to the toilet. The morning erection has primarily something to do with the sleep cycle. Men have an erection several times during the night – depending on how deeply they sleep and how much oxygen enters their organism. The morning boner is practically the last remnant of the last erection of the night.

This is the “morning boner” for women

Not only men, women can also have a “morning boner” – just the vagina equivalent. Because the vagina also reacts to the sleep cycle.

While women sleep, the vagina is wide awake – this mainly happens during the REM phase. This is a phase in which the brain is very active and you dream – during this time the blood flow underneath increases.

The clitoris, like the penis in men, is a erectile tissue. The clitoris is very large – but only a small part of it is visible externally, as it mainly goes into the body. Because this is mainly grown in the vulva. And if this swells, it is referred to as a “morning bar”.

Can you see the morning boner in women?

This is what happens during the REM phase when you are sexually aroused: the vagina becomes moist and the clitoris and labia are significantly larger. Even if women don’t notice the so-called “morning boner” – everyone has it.

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“The labia are also made of tissue that can swell, become larger and redder. The reason for this can also be excitement, because it releases blood flow in the entire genital area,” says sexologist Dr. Shannon Chavez loudly Refinery29 .

And even if the morning boner has nothing to do with sexual excitement – it offers the best conditions for a quickie in the morning. Because it’s not only fun, it also gets your circulation going. “That’s all it takes to be sexually aroused. Sex at night can feel like work for some people because you’re stressed and have used up all your energy during the day. “You’re just less tense in the morning,” says the sexologist.

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