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Lentils, the forgotten but very precious food for health, as our grandmothers knew well

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Lentils, the forgotten but very precious food for health, as our grandmothers knew well

Lentils, a precious legume for health

Nutritionists have long been committed to enhancing the benefits of lentils, (forgotten) legumes that offer many advantages: in addition to providing a good dose of vegetable protein and a lot of energy, (as our grandmothers reminded us), they are also the perfect food to lose weight.

Lentils are low in calories (and fill you up)

Obviously, if they are accompanied by sausages and bacon they make you fat, but lentils themselves are not caloric. Andrea Vázquez Remuiñán, nutritionist of the Marta Masi group, says that they are suitable for diets of all kinds because they are very satiating. In this case, however, they should be accompanied by vegetables, preferably rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes or peppers, because they increase the absorption of the iron contained in legumes. In addition, they are rich in plant-based proteins, which makes them an excellent food to take after exercise to facilitate muscle repair.

They help prevent swelling

Traditionally, legumes are also perceived as foods that cause inflammation, but the expert Marta Masi claims that they can even help improve abdominal bloating, because their high fiber content prevents constipation. However, the doctor points out that if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you need to be more careful because “the components of the lentils can over-ferment and intensify the symptoms of the disorder.”

They provide energy

Neolife’s Dr Alfonso Galán points out that lentils contain taurine, a non-essential amino acid that improves muscle tone and strength, and helps counteract the feeling of fatigue. In addition, their high iron content helps keep batteries charged and regulate blood glucose levels (so you can avoid cravings for sweets). In fact, they are also a highly recommended food during menstruation.

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A good hair food

Lentils are recommended for hair health. This is confirmed by Dr. Antonio Abad, who explains that their high content of minerals such as iron and zinc facilitates hair growth and repair, helping to keep the sebaceous glands surrounding the hair follicles in good condition.

Some ideas for cooking them

In addition to consuming them stewed – preferably with vegetables -, the nutritionist of the Marta Masi group suggests other easy ideas to introduce them in the diet:

  1. In salads. They can be prepared with canned lentils that are sold already cooked in the supermarket.
  2. Red lentil paste, usually more digestive than traditional lentils.
  3. Lentil curry, which can be made with red lentils, tomato, coconut milk and other vegetables.

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