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Losing Weight Diet Health » Anti-authoritarian Dadaism – Dogmatic Diet?

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Losing Weight Diet Health » Anti-authoritarian Dadaism – Dogmatic Diet?

In the last minutes of the Titanic, the orchestra played on “until the bitter end”; So when “the culture” does its job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that “Everything is under control” on the sinking ship, but at least the onboard band improved the prevailing mood (?).

Occasionally, cultural work is far removed from creative processes Education through dominant cultureand if the audience asks themselves what they did to themselves back then and why, they can then campaign for proper culture, with questionable success:

In 1974, a book was published in a small edition with a single word, “marble,” printed throughout the pages, and the story goes that it now sells for a high price when it appears on the market used. “We” owe it to the Dada, action and object artist Dieter Roth (1930–1998).

Herbert Fritsch created the play from the Wo-da-ach-da, da book «Murmur marble» knitted, someone recorded it, so we can still stream it today; I suspect that Max Kruse’s “Urmel” was causally involved in Roth’s word finding; alternatively, there is the interpretation that “Murmel” is based on a misguided transfer of “Durmel“is traceable. Reading, speaking or listening to the “eternal Durmel”, which means “clumsy person”, for 90 minutes at a time would have traits of mercilessness and would be unbearable.

So you push aside the awkwardness and its consequences, mumble, babble to yourself and, since you are agitating in the theater, convey a feeling of belonging to the cultural elite. Soap and kitsch remain as daily bread for the poor, who have already lost the ability to “bite hard”.

The Dadaism of the 1968s was inevitably linked to the anti-authoritarian wave of the time; “Obedience STOP” on the cover of the Arnstedt high school student newspaper is something other than “Stop Violence”.

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Margarethe and Alexander Mitscherlich explained in their book “The Inability to Grieve” that obedience and obedience are not the same thing.

Man’s behavior is regulated on the social level by the trinity of instinctual obedience, learning obedience and conscientious obedience, and he is also capable of disobedience on all levels.

You can also differentiate between id, ego and conscience obedience and apply the concept to compliance with diet rules:

We don’t know who the “Hammerman” obeys, but he does so until he drops

Id obedience (id-related needs):

“It obedience” indicates the satisfaction of basic needs and impulsive desires. The urge to immediately eliminate hunger and get filling food is initially in the foreground. The following applies to this “purified pleasure ego”: Anyone who is strongly dominated by id obedience must have difficulty resisting short-term temptations. The fact that there is a proximity to addiction is already evident in the language: the suction and the sucking, the “enjoyment in large gulps” and the swallowing and devouring have the same field of meaning, and where too big a chunk ends up in the wrong throat, it can that mean the end of a young life if no “care person” is available.

Anyone looking for a stop in life will find it, in yellow, in the tram

Ego obedience (ego-centered self-control):

To overestimate the ego’s ability to self-control and act rationally would be obvious if it is predominantly wishful thinking. In the context of dieting, the person is expected to make rational decisions, overcome short-term needs, and pursue long-term goals. Compliance with Diet rules demands the ego and requires ego obedience, knowing that it is about making decisions for one’s own health.

Controlling fire, even thunderstorms with lightning and thunder, is an archaic human desire, and anyone who overdoes it invests a lot with little return and sometimes high losses. Fireworks…

Superego obedience (superego-related norms and ideals):

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Internalized, “internalized” norms and ideals of society or significant authority figures exist in different forms, but always. Social norms and ideals of beauty, health or socially accepted weight also “always” exist; They also have a counterpart in their own ideal image, “self-ideal” – in the context of diets this could mean that the person concerned is trying to correspond to an illusion. “Violations” of adherence to dietary rules lead to conflict – when internalized superego norms are “overrun,” feelings of guilt arise, which influence self-acceptance and require some effort to “repair.”

Since the conscience, the colloquial term for the superego, can cause pangs of conscience or at least pain, in the addiction process it is quieted, “switched off” by means of addictive substances – under the influence of “malignant introjects”, so to speak, whispers that are generally not talked about . Biochemical regulations in the sense of “door openers” that remove eating inhibitions when it comes to substances that take effect in the reward center of the brain are also not entirely uninvolved.

Paprika and tomato letcho with bread dumplings from the jar, not yet steamed.

Adhering to diet rules would logically be the first priority if “the diet” is to be successful. In this respect, when it comes to “obedience”, we can do that too

Consider rule obedience:

This does not fall from the sky, but is there “just like that” or is not there. Where it is missing, it is generally hardly considered Lack perceived, but even misinterpreted as a manifestation of “freedom”.

We once had “anti-authoritarian times“, this wave has ebbed. The rejection of any obedience and the inability to mourn are related to the fact that the “forbidden” mourning for historical figures and pseudo-ideals had virtually “forbidden itself” because of a “leader” who – not without masses of followers and sponsors – not only repeated historical mistakes, but also put “everything” at risk with “national-Aryan-special idealization” with unspeakable contempt and destruction of humanity, it seemed impossible to mourn, especially because clarifying the social complicity was more than difficult .

This made the anti-authoritarian reflex in a way inevitable – with slogans like “Bans are forbidden” which deeply ensured the preservation of ignorance, increased “I don’t know anything about it” shrugging, and rigid advice that was not to be followed, but as a way of assigning blame (“If you don’t follow the rules, you can’t be helped, it’s your own fault”). Foolish sayings like “Help yourself and God will help you” only demonstrate the inability to take responsibility as a real authority. An open question remains as to who conveys the rule obedience that has obviously been learned or is to be learned.

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Let’s take the photo of the tram stop as an indication of a short stop, a break.

The realization that the complex interaction of different forms of obedience also plays a role in the multifactorial overall process of obesity means:
While ego obedience is part of making conscious healthy eating choices, both id obedience and superego obedience can influence the motivation and pressure to follow these rules. Individual differences in the dominance of these forms of obedience may influence the challenges and successes of diet adherence.

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