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“Mancini was completely naked. Mourinho at Lazio? Never say never”

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Derby, Mancini, Mourinho: Lotito speaks

“I’m all about respect. I didn’t say a word, I saw a fight between one of my players and one from Roma. One thing didn’t go down well, which was that the Roma player was completely naked in the corridor. I stopped and Mourinho yelled at me ‘what are you looking at?’, I thought he hadn’t understood that I was the president of Lazio and I specified it to him, he increased the dose. I never told him he couldn’t be there, just who I was. We haven’t given a hand with Mourinho because I haven’t argued with anyone, it’s a problem of roles that must be respected. The match was Lazio-Roma, Roma was hosted. It is as if a guest arrives at her house and behaves in a certain way. If I would take Mourinho in Lazio? Never say neverbut I don’t think the characters are suitable”.

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