Home Health Mosquitoes, this drink makes your blood even better for them: they will jump on you

Mosquitoes, this drink makes your blood even better for them: they will jump on you

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Mosquitoes, this drink makes your blood even better for them: they will jump on you

It seems that what makes us more palatable to mosquitoes is one of the most consumed drinks during the summer season.

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Finally the warm season has arrived! Even the summer, however, has some small defects such as, for example, the constant presence of mosquitoes. With their bites, in fact, these insects are able to arouse itching and discomfort in us, and it is really impossible, unfortunately, to prevent it from happening.

But that is not all. It seems to make us even more attractive to them smell be one of the drinks most consumed during the summer season.

There is nothing better, during the summer, than spending whole days and evenings in the company of the people we care about most. Sip with them, tasty and refreshing drinks and soft drinks can be not only a way to spend time with friends, but also to indulge in those moments of relaxation outdoors which in winter, due to low temperatures, we are forced to give up.

At the same moment in which we are intent on enjoying our favorite moments, however, the mosquitoes they are always lurking, ready to annoy us with their classics stings. And speaking of summer drinks, there is one that, according to a study, would be able to make our body produce a substance capable of attract mostly such insects.

Mosquitoes and beer: what is the correlation?

What do mosquitoes have to do with the consumption of beer? The answer derives from a French study according to which the annoying insects typical of summer are more attracted by those who drink this drink the most often.

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Draft beer
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Our body, in fact, after the consumption of beer, through the sweat gives off a substance known as ethanol which, it seems, mosquitoes just can’t resist.

Quest’hypothesisas previously mentioned, emerged from a French study created to combat malaria, and to understand the reason why these insects are so interested to man.

Scientific confirmation of the correlation between mosquitoes and the consumption of beer, at the moment, it has not yet arrived, but if in the future it should be confirmed, it would not be surprising. After all, who doesn’t like a nice cold beer!

The importance of lifestyle

Lead a healthy life, eat well and practicing physical activity is very important, not only for safeguarding our health, but also for diminish the possibility of being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquito bites
Mosquito bites – Nanopress.it

A Dutch study, in fact, established that people who routinely consume foods rich in cholesterol they are more likely to be targeted by such insects.

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