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Multiple sclerosis: Campania approves regional Pdta

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Multiple sclerosis: Campania approves regional Pdta

The Pdta diagnostic therapeutic care pathway for the care of people with multiple sclerosis and related pathologies has been approved in Campania. The Region, the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association Aism and the network of clinical centers that contributed to the drafting of the document express satisfaction with this result. The challenge will now be to guarantee its application in all health services in the area.

«Aism, which made Pdtas a fundamental point of the MS Agenda 2020 and 2025, played a key role in the creation of these innovative paths. The Pdta, now active in Campania, represents a crucial tool to guarantee complete supportpromoting global care that unites hospital and territory” he states Gianluca Pedicini, national president of the Conference of people with multiple sclerosis and related pathologies. «This initiative is a concrete response to the need for specific paths that ensure continuity of care, continuous assistance and the centrality of the person with multiple sclerosis and related pathologies».

The regional document is consistent with the “PDTA for MS: National indications for the creation of assistance networks” published by the GLaSM, Agenas multiple sclerosis working group, in January 2022, and the “guidelines “Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis in adults” published by the Italian Society of Neurology Sin, in July 2022.

«The newly approved Pdta represents an important step forward to improve the health responses and quality of life of the 12,755 people with MS and related pathologies in the Campania region and comes at a complex time of profound transformations of the health and social care system along the lines of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan” states Antonio Postiglione, general director of health protection and coordination of the Campania Regional Health System.

«Data is essential, and the observational project of the ‘Multiple Sclerosis Registry, with over 5,600 records in the Campania regionout of a total of 85,000 in Italy, is a key tool not only for research purposes but also to support the process of monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Pdta. The Campania one starts from the reconstruction of the population with MS and pathologies on the basis of the algorithm also used in other regional realities, which confirm the estimates presented in the MS Barometer 2023″ declares Mario Alberto Battaglia, president of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Fism.

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