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October and back to the gym, what you need to access in addition to the Green Pass

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From 15 October Italy will inaugurate a new phase in which the Green Pass will become mandatory to access certain premises, including public offices. This situation is creating not a few protests by many Italian citizens and we do not yet know how the situation will evolve. However, we know that the state of emergency will be in effect until 31 December and we await further developments.

If this situation seems “new” to us in certain contexts, it is not so for many others. We refer, for example, to gyms, where the obligation to exhibit the green certification has already been in force since 6 August.

October is the month of returning to physical activity, the time when we feel the need to get back into shape. The weather also supports this choice, since the rain no longer allows us to walk outdoors. But what will be needed in the room besides the Green Pass?

October and back to the gym, what you need to access in addition to the Green Pass

First of all we will need the sports medical certificate. Be careful though, because not all gyms require it.

In fact, the certification of non-competitive activity is not mandatory for access to the equipment rooms. However, some managers have decided to request it, perhaps for insurance reasons.

In addition to the possible certification, we must never forget the sports towel, which we can choose in various fabrics. The best is probably terry because it absorbs sweat effectively.

Furthermore, precisely in the period of Covid, this simple tool serves to guarantee the correct hygiene of the tools every time they are used. If before it was recommended to use it, now we could say that it is a duty for oneself and for others.

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Shoes and mask

October and back to the gym, what do you need to access in addition to the Green Pass? Many gyms, perhaps most, have established that only a certain pair of shoes should be used in the room. This means that you will not be able to train with the same ones we walked on the street with. This is also a rule that many gyms had already established before the pandemic, but today it applies almost everywhere.

Be careful not to forget the mask. Of course, you don’t have to wear it to run, but you are asked to use it when moving between one tool and another, one room and another, even in any courses.

Let’s not forget to sanitize the machines or the mats where we did the exercises, with the appropriate products available in many gyms. In this case, it is not a question of something “to bring”, but of a small precaution of hygiene to follow.

Small rules and here we can go back to playing sport peacefully and safely.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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