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At the lesson of longevity. It is not just a question of genes, long life is conquered. Overcoming the threshold of old age in health is a goal to be pursued from an early age, starting to eat by reducing inflammatory processes: few sugars and fats. The cover of Very Health, the periodical of the Caltagirone group today on newsstands for free with Il Messaggero, Il Gazzettino, Corriere Adriatico, Il Mattino and Nuovo newspaper di Puglia and on the websites of the newspapers. Even if the pandemic has lowered life expectancy by about 1.2 years, centenarians increase. “It is essential to keep the waistline normal and never abuse alcohol,” explains Francesco Landi, president of the Italian society of geriatrics. A documentary entitled “The club of the centenarians” filmed by the Sardinian director Pietro Mereu tells the super grandparents of Ogliastra, one of the blue areas of the world, areas where life expectancy is considerably higher.

Optimism extends life. Science proves it: longevity rises by 15% for women and 11% for men

The ex-child of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Totò Cascio and the lost sight: “I missed Totti’s goals”

A help to the heart: the four anxiety and stress hormones beat while walking


On the pandemic front, we think of the polyvaccine. While the fourth dose appears on the horizon, from Australia to the United States the first tests for a single virus prophylaxis with genetic similarities unearthed by an algorithm. A single effective weapon against influenza, interstitial pneumonia and of course Covid. But it is alarm for the psychological distress caused by the emergency. We feel tired and irritated, psychologists speak of freezing, we are stuck and detached. And the Order of Psychologists appeals to the government for the recognition of this emergency even with ad hoc funds. Let’s console ourselves with the pizza, also cleared by nutritionists: smaller and lighter, it is good for health. And again: what to do and what not to do to get back in shape. It is useless to exhaust yourself with long workouts and overdoses of gymnastics to lose the pounds accumulated in the Holidays. How to choose and prepare herbal teas, dispelling a series of clichés. All the secrets of the immune system, a fundamental machine for health: it acts like an army complete with sentinel lymph nodes connected to the spleen, thymus and bone marrow, macrophage soldiers and ruthless suicide bombers such as neutrophils. And the latest trends in aesthetic medicine: stop to invasive touch-ups, rejuvenation is now light and can be achieved with minimally invasive interventions.

Finally, some stories, that of Aroldo Ruschioni, who defeated disabilities and time. At 90, athlete and witness of the first Paralympics of 1960, he spurs everyone: never give up. “At that time the disabled were excluded, we came out by transforming pain into passion.” And that of Francesco Parisi, a transplant doctor of the Child Jesus who on retirement sent a letter of thanks to his patients, 339 children who grew up with the hearts and lungs of others.


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