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Only takes 2 minutes! This trick from the military will help you fall asleep instantly

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Only takes 2 minutes!  This trick from the military will help you fall asleep instantly

Soldiers are forced to rest in the most adverse circumstances – such as near an active battlefield.

There is a widespread trick that is supposed to make it possible to fall asleep in just a few minutes. This can of course also be done at home and should also be quick to train.

Fall asleep instantly with this military trick

The military trick for falling asleep generated a lot of attention, especially through a viral TikTok video. In the vertical clip, the soldier’s son Justin Agustin explains why he is so important:

“This technique was developed in the military to allow soldiers to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, even on the battlefield when the environment is extremely uncomfortable and noisy – sleep is crucial for a soldier,” Agustin explains in the TikTok video.

This technology first appeared in 1981 in a training book for commanders, explains the British magazine Independent. It ensures that soldiers do not make life-threatening mistakes despite enormous stress on the battlefield.

Fall asleep faster: This is how the 2-minute trick works

If you want to fall asleep within two minutes, you should do the following:

Relax consciously and little by little. Start with your face and gently bring your eyes, forehead, and jaw to rest. Breathe in and out deeply. Pay attention to your shoulders: Try to get them out of tension and “as far down” as possible. Your arms and hands rest loosely next to your body. While you continue to take deep breaths, turn your attention to your upper body. Breathing should also relieve tension in your stomach or chest. If these parts of the body are noticeably relaxed, focus on your hips and legs. Now consciously take 10 seconds and let all the impressions of the day go. Before falling asleep, “clear your mind” by imagining one of these two scenarios as vividly as possible: You are lying in a canoe in the middle of a calm lake. Above you there is only the blue sky. Her body rests on a black hammock in a dark room.

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If you notice that you keep getting lost in thoughts, you should consciously think to yourself “Don’t think, don’t think” for 10 seconds at a time before returning to the daydream in your head.

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