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“Our Teslas suddenly brake”: 750 customers open the largest investigation in the world

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“Our Teslas suddenly brake”: 750 customers open the largest investigation in the world

Such a thing in the world of road safety has never been seen before: 750 customers protest together, write to the NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a US federal body, and obtain the opening of an official investigation into the problem. The largest, most thorough and complex to date ever created by the US federal agency.

Reason for the dispute? Not cheap stuff: the car, without warning, suddenly stops for an alleged problem with the emergency brake assist system. In the dock? Tesla once again.


Tesla delivers the first Model Y made in Germany

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

22 March 2022

A serious problem because on the highway or, perhaps even in the city, in situations where traffic flow accelerates (think about restarting after the green light) the risk of being rear-ended is very high. And in fact, the 750 owners of Musk’s electric cars fear just that.

Robotic Systems sfida la Tesla

In their 14-page letter, the customers but they can’t explain the problem: no warning, no lights on, nothing at all. Nothing that can somehow explain why these Teslas suddenly crash on the roads. The lack of an apparent reason for the problem has thus led customers to ask the car manufacturer for all reports received from other consumers regarding false braking, as well as reports of accidents, injuries, deaths and claims for compensation for material damage. And in the letter he also wonders if the company’s “autonomous driving” and automatic emergency braking systems were in place at the time of these sudden stops.

The case

Tesla fires 10,000 employees. Musk: “Bad feeling about the economy”

by Vincenzo Borgomeo, Arcangelo Rociola

03 June 2022

Tesla did not respond, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did, and in its investigation it has already found that phantom braking affects models 3 and Yapproximately 416,000 vehicles of model years 2021 and 2022. But there are no reports of accidents or injuries.

Now it has been the same Nhtsa to ask for an official response from Tesla, which must arrive strictly by 20 June next. And then we will really find out what is happening on these cars because, according to the US road safety agency, the matter is quite complex: in addition to automatic braking, these cars all have automated driving assistance functions such as adaptive cruise control and driving Autopilot. semi-autonomous which in turn also act on the brakes.

Elon Musk has a problem. And it’s not Twitter

by Riccardo Luna

19 Maggio 2022

It is no coincidence that in the letter sent to Tesla, NHTSA ask for the starting speed of when the cars started braking, the final speed and the average deceleration. He also asks if the automated systems have detected an obstacle and if Tesla has a video of the braking accidents. The investigation, however, is all-encompassing: news is sought from body builders for any repairs due to rear-end collisions, the many sensors mounted on Tesla are studied and we are looking for clues on any tests or internal investigations by Tesla on braking problems.


And the Musk carmaker NHTSA also asked for all the results of Tesla’s automated systems tests for detecting bridges, S-curves, oncoming and passing traffic, and vehicles of different sizes, including large ones. truck. The road safety agency also wants all the information on how the cameras handle reflections, shadows, glare and obstruction due to snow or driving rain. In short, such a thorough investigation into the functioning of the emergency braking system had never been seen before. And the whole world thanks those 750 Tesla owners who had the courage to challenge the richest man in the world.

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