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Pica and rumination disorder: symptoms of an eating disorder

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Pica and rumination disorder: symptoms of an eating disorder

Pica and rumination disorder are two conditions that can be recognized and treated by recognizing the symptoms

When we talk about pica, we are referring to an eating disorder characterized by a strong desire to consume non-food substances and is observed especially in children but can also occur during adulthood. Likewise, also the rumination is an eating disorder, characterized by repeated regurgitation of previously swallowed food.

These two disturbances they can be recognized thanks to a series of symptoms, which could confirm the presence of such a problem and which should not be ignored. It is good to pay attention to disorders of this type because they could lead to the onset of other physical problems if they are not treated.

Symptoms of pica and rumination. How to recognize them

Many eating disorders represent a complex range of conditions that affect people’s relationship with food and often with their bodies as well. These are conditions that can cause serious physical, emotional and mental health consequences. Often these are very complex disorders, involving a combination of factors and to recognize certain disorders, such as that of pica and of rumination, it is necessary to be aware of the symptoms with which these tend to manifest themselves.

The symptoms of pica and rumination like other eating disorders compromise the relationship with food and with one’s body (tantasalute.it)

I symptoms of pica can vary, but there are some common characteristics that can be recognized and immediately indicate the presence of the disorder:

The person with pica experiences an almost compulsive and uncontrollable desire to eat non-food substances, persistent over time. People with pica can show related behaviors, such as the fact of tasting strange substances or having the desire to do so, seeking them. Among symptoms may also include cramps, constipation and other gastrointestinal problems, but also weakness, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalances, etc.

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As for the rumination instead characteristic symptoms may occur such as:

Digestive problems and stomach pain which may be followed by severe abdominal pain and a sense of regurgitation. Also problems such as bad breath and tooth decay and tooth problems can be a clear rumination alarm. Often it can also lead to a weight loss and sensations of esophageal discomfort. Weight loss can be due to the annoyance that leads to food restriction, which in turn can also cause nutritional deficiencies. regurgitation of food happens every day or almost.

Both rumination and pica disturbances can last over time, and if they do it will be necessary refer to a doctor, to understand how to combat this type of disorder, to avoid future complications and to work together on the problem through a therapeutic process.

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