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Pino D’Angiò disease, how are you?/ “I had surgery 6 times then the lung cancer started”

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Pino D’Angiò disease, how are you?/ “I had surgery 6 times then the lung cancer started”

Pino D’Angiò disease, cancer: “I have had radiotherapy and chemotherapy”

Pine of Anjou and the disease: the singer of But what idea has overcome six throat operations, two lung tumors, a thrombosis in the lower limbs, a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. Let’s say that on several occasions her life turned its back on her, but with strength and courage she faced every difficulty and obstacle and managed to defeat evil. “Up until I was forty I felt invincible, around 50 I felt possible. After that we couldn’t understand anything anymore” – said the singer of Ma Quale Idea from the pages of Corriere della Sera. “First I had breast cancer and the doctors told me ‘you have another six months and then, thank you, and you’ll be gone’. Then who knows how it is, I didn’t leave. After her throat cancer started. Before the diagnosis I began to experience illnesses more closely through my father who fell ill with lung cancer” – added the singer who revealed – “even after I got ill, I played tennis with my wife and competed with my son. When you wake up cheerful and happy, you feel out of danger, but that’s not the case.”

Then throat cancer for Pine of Anjou: “I had surgery 6 times due to relapses and then the lung cancer started. I had radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In the last year another lung tumor has started again. They took out one lung, luckily I have two. At the end of something, sooner or later, we have to die.”

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How is Pino D’Angiò today?

Pino d’Angiò’s disease took him to have six throat operations and the singer confided to Corriera della Sera: “after the throat operations I was practically out of the game and I hadn’t retired. I returned to do this job and it was a resounding success, especially considering the fact that I am 70 years old and people in their twenties come to listen to me. What more could I want? I don’t expect a damn, if I have to leave, I’ll leave.”

The disease of Pine of Anjou it has certainly changed him: “I have changed a lot, I’m not the same as when I was thirty or 50, but it’s not true that you give more value to life and that you understand many things. What changed the day after the visit? I continued to give value to the things that were important to me, for example success was not among the important things. When I go on stage, I act as an artist, but in reality I act as myself: Pino D’Angiò, that arrogant guy who lights a cigarette and almost does you a favor when he sings”.


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