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“Sea Horizon” has a new card face upgrade, 25% off Steam sale today | 4Gamers

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“Sea Horizon” has a new card face upgrade, 25% off Steam sale today | 4Gamers

“Sea Horizon”, a turn-based random battle game, is full of core elements of adventure, hardship, and courage. The experience version has been loved by players from all over the world since its launch, so French, German and Spanish language versions are specially added.

At the same time, it also participates in Steam’s official summer sale, launching a preferential price of 250 yuan to give back to veteran players who like Rouguelike, allowing players to easily gain a game that combines card turn-based and strategic battles.

The updated content of “Sea Horizon” includes optimizing the skill information on the cards, and the presentation is more refined; and a new event dictionary system, all skills and enchant texts can now be queried in the event dictionary at one time, allowing players to quickly find out Completed items not collected. In addition, if you choose to skip not adding equipment after winning each round of battle, players can also get some anchor coins, no longer nothing.

02_ Code of things to view skills

In the game, players will encounter thieves and fight with knives while sailing at sea. They will also be dazzled by the abundance of supplies in the shops in the sea, and they will also have the opportunity to rely on others because they are empty and hungry.

The endless sea, the infinite possibilities, the accidental events and emergencies of “The Endless Journey of the Sea Horizon”, such as: strange-shaped reefs, drifting bottles from nowhere, and overwhelming misty fog, etc. Let the whole sailing process add more variables and dangers. This is also the most fascinating part of the game, which is worth playing again and again and never tire of playing.

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03_Character enchanting skills

Every adventurer’s heart is always unwilling to be bound by the world and ties, open STEAM, resolutely start a new journey, sail to the end of freedom, and explore the unknown realm! Every choice will lead you to a different path! In the scorching summer, now is the time to set sail by boat, grab the discounted ticket and start an adventure.

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