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Startups registered in the Business Register are growing

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Startups registered in the Business Register are growing

I am 14362 le innovative startups registered in the special section of Register of Companies, up by 285 (+ 2.0%) compared to the previous quarter. This is the result of the latest quarterly report dedicated to demographic trends and the economic performance of innovative startups. The report, which presents updated data as of 1 April 2022, is the result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Development and InfoCamere. From the analysis it results, as regards the distribution by sector of activity, that 75.8% of innovative startups provide services to businesses (in particular, specializations prevail: software production and IT consultancy, 38.8%. Research and Development activities, 14.4%. Information services activities, 8.8%) while 16.0% operates in manufacturing (above all: manufacturing of machinery, 2.9%, manufacturing of computers and electronic and optical products, 2.2%;), 3.0% then operates in trade.

Startup News

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The startup map

Lombardy the region where the largest number of innovative startups is located remains: 3,885, equal to 27.0% of the national total. Followed by Lazio (1,729, 12.0% of the total), Campania with 1,317 startups (9.2%), Emilia Romagna (1,086, 7.6% of the national total). In a short distance, Veneto appears in fourth place with 1,081 startups (7.5%). Piedmont follows with 777 (5.4%). At the bottom are Basilicata with 146 (1.0%), Molise with 81 (0.6%) and Valle d’Aosta with 21 (0.2%) innovative startups.

The case

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Trentino-Alto Adige it is the region with the highest incidence of innovative startups in relation to the total of joint-stock companies with less than five years and five million in annual turnover: about 5.5% is an innovative startup. Lombardy (5.1%) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (5.3%) follow in the ranking. Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia close the ranking (all with just over 2.5%).

Milano it is the province in which the highest number of innovative startups is located: at the end of the first quarter of 2022 there were 2,720, 18.9% of the national total. In second place is Rome, the only other province over a thousand (1,555 startups, 10.8% nationally). All the other major provinces are very distant: in the top-5 there are, in order, Naples (657, 4.6%), Turin (513, 3.6%) and Bologna (345, 2.4%). The top-10 is completed by Bari, Padua, Salerno, Bergamo and Brescia.


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Financial indicators

Among the innovative startups, the average value of production per firm in 2020 (the financial statements data currently available, relating to 2020, cover 60.0% of the startups registered as of April 1, 2022: 8,618 out of 14,362) is equal to just over 178.4 thousand euros, an increase compared to the previous quarter (about 2.2 thousand euros more). The average assets are just over € 408.9 thousand per innovative startup, data remained almost unchanged compared to the previous survey. Finally, considering the overall production, it amounts to 1,530,340,642, a figure of 6.8 million euro higher than that recorded at the end of the previous quarter (1,530,340,642).

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Startups and new corporations

As regards the incidence of innovative startups on the total of new joint stock companies, 9.9% of all new companies are innovative startups operating in the business services sector. For manufacturing, the corresponding percentage is 6.5%.

The impact on the sectors

In some sectors, as defined by the Ateco 2007 classification, the presence of innovative companies is particularly high: 42.2% of new companies with code C 26 (computer manufacturing), 46.2% of those with code J 62 (software production) and over 72.2% of those with code are innovative startups M 72 (research and development).

Female presence

Looking at the composition of companies, innovative startups with a prevalence of women (in which the ownership shares and administrative offices are mostly held by women) are 1,870, 13.0% of the total: a lower incidence compared to the 20.6% observed by examining the universe of new capital companies. The innovative startups in which at least one woman is present in the shareholder structure are 6,231, 43.4% of the total: a share also lower, albeit to a lesser extent, than that registered by the other new joint-stock companies (44.5 %).

More under 35 in startups

Innovative startups with a prevalence of young people (under 35) are 2,432, 16.9% of the total. This is three percentage points higher than that found among new non-innovative companies (13.9%). The difference is even greater if we consider the companies in which at least one young person is present in the shareholder structure: these represent 40.0% of startups (5,758 in all), against 30.46% of other companies.

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Few foreigners

Innovative startups with a 511 companies with a foreign prevalence, 3.6% of the total, however, a lower share than that observed among the other new joint-stock companies (9.8%). On the other hand, the innovative startups in which at least one non-Italian citizen is present are 14.5% (2,035), a proportion more similar to that found among joint-stock companies (15.9%).

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